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The Demon that Cursed Me was Driven Out

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

I knew something was wrong when Max said he heard a angry voice that cursed me. We were talking about the subject of deliverance when this occurred. This will always get the attention of demons…when a believers starts talking about their personal stories of Jesus being victorious over the evil one.

Just minutes ago three evil spirits (that were bringing him all kinds of condemnation) were driven out of a 28 year old man as the individual repented of his sins that allowed them access. This was done on the 12th floor of a high rise building in the city. The man nearly collapsed as he was being delivered. Then the Lord spoke to this man and told him to tell me that he “loves me.” I was greatly encouraged.

During the deliverance session, the three spirits begged me not to read the Scriptures and the mere reading of the Holy Word weakened them. There was some struggle but the Lord Jesus prevailed.

All glory goes to God for it was His work, His alone.

Jay Bartlett

Demons of Physical Afflictions Expelled!

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

The young man described to us that throughout his adulthood he experienced all kinds of afflictions. When I inquired if he ever investigated to see if there were spirits of infirmity causing these physical problems, he told he had not.I asked him if I could. He replied he didn’t have a problem with that and he just wanted to be FREE.So, I began to pray and as I did an evil spirit surfaced and spoke through this man, using his vocal cords.

“I’m hate,” the demon boasted.

I commanded the evil spirit, named, “Hate,” to reveal if he had brought any physical problems to the man.

The demon began to laugh and said, “Sure we do, we bring into his body, Fibromyalgia, Cancer, Diabetes, Ulcers, and Hypertension.”

Hate revealed to me he had been in the family for six generations (due to ancestral sin) and enjoyed afflicting the family line with all of these physical problems.

The church began to torture the evil spirit for causing such damage to God’s creation. We forced the spirit to drink holy water which caused the demon to gag! We placed the holy swords (the Scriptures) on the demons and the demons screamed in agony! We called forth the holy angels of God and they began to draw their swords and pierced the demon. At this point the evil demons begged for us stop. We continued.

We weakened the spirit and drove it out in the holy name of Jesus Christ. The demon departed and all of these afflictions vanished (we received a report that all of these physical problems are no longer a issue). God brought healing and liberation!

Jay Bartlett

God works more than we think

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

Today I was traveling from home to city centre. I was using public bus and nearby was a Muslim man. He was stand as I did. The man started strangely saying “If we will reach the Journey God help!” I was feeling as if rebuking him because all I was thinking was “God is in control.” Then something strange happened! He fainted. I helped to put him in chair of one passenger and found myself one hand on his head and one hand holding his hand!! I knew what God meant! Pray for Him! I was quietly binding demons that were veiling his understanding, hindering him to come to JESUS! I then prayed for God to have mercy on him as he haven’t received Jesus. It was something like this “Lord don’t take him because he haven’t received Jesus yet.” I felt a loss if he will loose his eternity! God heard me and He was soon awake and he became conscious!

Praise God!!

Your fellow servant,

Ev. Steve

Muslim girl set free!

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

We recently were having seminar. During that seminar we were taught many valuable secrets of the Kingdom of God. Many people gave theirs lives to Christ Jesus. One of them was Muslim girl. She gave her life to Jesus just a day before. When the servant of God prayed for girls, she was thrown. I and other ministers casted out demons and she was set free. Come on, let’s praise Jesus for such merciful action of setting her free. God is really good.

Your fellow servant,

Ev. Steve md

Abused girl released from tormenting spirits

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

I recently ministered to a girl with a demon. The girl have been thrown by that demon few days ago. I helped to take her to other deliverance ministers. After sometimes she was conscious. Holy Spirit said to me to ask her if she haven’t forgiven somebody! I asked her and said her step father wanted to kill her and the reason he fled to the town. I told ministers but to my sorrow they rejected it! Next day the girl was thrown again and demons demonstrated heavily that I had to help. When I reached the room I interceded for her pleading with God as His priest to forgive her [1Pe 2:9 But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light:]. Then we commanded demons to leave in Jesus name. They obeyed after so heavy demonstration; they left. Praise, honor and power be to Jesus and Him only for setting her free. Amen

Your fellow servant,

Ev. Steve

Girl released from spirit of rebellion!

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

We were having a seminar, Mar 17, 2008. This was last day of the seminar and as servant of God was praying and rebuking demons, many people fell down. I helped to take people out of seminar tent to another deliverance tent. When I reached there, I found many demonized people. I was compelled to help them in casting out devils. Jesus the very faithful master did the work. He set free many. I ministered to a girl with spirit of rebellion. She ran from home and rejected to go on with studies. This resulted her to go for work. One day before the deliverance she received Jesus. The demons were casted out and she have agreed to start school. We are arranging to pay for her. She is free. Praise, Honor and Power be to Jesus and Him only!
Your Fellow Servant,

Ev. Steve md

Exorcism at a Methodist Church

Friday, March 14th, 2008

A young lady from London, England traveled last year to meet my wife and I for prayer — to find liberation from the evil spirits that have tormented her for years. My heart broke over the life she had lived — drug abuse, self mutilation, severe abuse, mental torment, Satanism, occult activity, communion with demons, and other evils. Though the evil was immense the grace of God was extended, in a loving manner, to this young lady.

For seven straight days the body of Christ battled the forces of darkness in the power of the Holy Spirit. We held nightly prayer / exorcism sessions for this young lady at the beautiful Mt. Olive Free Methodist Church in Dallas. For seven straight days, some of the sessions lasting late into the night, we battled the forces of darkness, each night evil spirits were cast out — many very powerful spirits that resisted (but not for long as God’s power overcame their strength).

The demonic powers would place this young lady in a trance like state and demons spoke out of her, often times in a strange voice unlike hers (some even growled and acted like an animal). Most of the time her eyes had rolled in the back of her head, we saw only the white — the demon looking at us.

Each night, it seemed as though we were dealing with stronger spirits then the night before but God was merciful and allowed us to minister to this young lady in love as we asked her to repent of the sins that allowed the various evil spirits access to her life. She did and God forgave her.

The evil powers named themselves and gave us the spiritual right they held unto in the lady’s life. This allowed us to systematically demolish the various strongholds that the demonic beings that built over the years. Glory to Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

The body of Christ at Mt. Olive Free Methodist Church stood in their Christ given authority and earnestly prayed for this woman’s deliverance. For 30 hours, over seven days, we battled and battled. We persevered. But we were not alone — God’s Holy angels arrived to the church and assisted us in battled. Allow me to explain…

Often times the demons would completely knock the young lady to the ground (even cause her to crawl around like an animal at times). In each instance, we commanded the angels to pick her up off the ground and in each instance the angels listened and obeyed our commands. The angels literally, without the aid of any human assistance, picked the body of the lady up off the ground and placing her in a position where we could minister to her. What an awesome display of God’s goodness and power! Many angels showed up and one angel actually appeared to the lady in the sanctuary.

The angels assisted in also restraining the demons, binding them, and holding them (as there were a number of times the demons attempted to force the young lady outside of the church). In several instances the demons did cause her to leave the church only for the angels to bring her back in by our commands in the name of Jesus.

What a good God we serve as He allows us to minister alongside His angels for His glory.

Then the finale was a few nights ago. For hours we battled and battled the evil forces that remained. Anointing oil, the Word of God (the sword of the Spirit), holy water, the sacred symbols of the cross, the blood of Christ, and consecrated materials were utilized to drive out the demons.

I also equipped the saints that were present. I wanted them to be a part of the work of the Holy Spirit, so I invited many of them to cast out the demons in the name of Jesus. I gently instructed the saints on how to minister to the young lady and they exercised their faith and their were RESULTS — evil spirits were cast out of the body in the name of Christ, our eternal God.

One of the saints present was a 10 year old boy who loves Jesus. He commanded two of the demons out. Other saints also participated and more evil spirits were cast out. This isn’t about Jay Bartlett — it’s about the body of Christ working together for the glory of God alone. The church was so encouraged and now desires to assist others whom are demonized.

Toward the end of our session the senior pastor and I dealt with the last evil spirit who threatened to kill me. It was an intense war — but the last evil spirit was driven out. Fifty-seven evil spirits were expelled, sins were renounced, emotional healing took place, and the young lady was instantly healed of various physical aliments.

Note: though many evil spirits were driven out, some more exist within her dissociative identities. But, these too, will be expelled in the name of Jesus.

Jay Bartlett

Deliverance from Hate and Bestiality

Friday, March 14th, 2008

“I’m Hatred”

The demon had revealed his identity and I wanted to know why he had indwelt this man whom I was ministering to.

“I’m here because Jeff wants to kill his boss. He wants to murder him.”

“What else are you doing to this man?”

“I’m afflicting Jeff with throat pain,” boasted the evil spirit.

Jeff was a hurting individual with some incredible spiritual, emotional, and physical problems. He was living in Las Vegas at that time and wanted deliverance from the demonic torment he had been enduring. He began to browse the internet to find some spiritual assistance for his deep problems. He found our ministry. I arranged a time to meet him and within minutes of our conversation an evil entity manifested.that went by the name of hatred.

“Besides you, Hatred, are there any other spirits inside of Jeff?”

“There are four of us.”

Due to Jeff’s desire to kill, four spirits of hate entered his body. Each of these spirits were not only tormenting him mentally but was also afflicting him with throat pain.

For hours I dealt with 18 different evil entities within Jeff. After confronting “Hatred” I dealt with a demon that went by the name of “Jealously” and “Remorse.” Then I dealt with a demonic spirit that called itself, “Stupidity.”

“Stupidity, why are you within Jeff?”

“I’m here because of the sin of gluttony, heresy, and because of Jeff’s participation in perverse sexual behavior.”

I called Jeff from out of his trance like state and inquired about these sins that the spirit was holding unto. Jeff admitted to overeating, embracing heretical teachings such as Mormonism, and having sexual contact with a cat. Because of these sins evil spirits invaded his life and brought all kinds of physical problems such as colon and skin cancer, moles, and sinus problems.

I demanded to know who else was inside the body.

“Stupidity, who’s the next spirit, which God has appointed to judgment?”

“There was a spirit of anger inside of Jeff that exited the body and is already 20 miles away.”

This demon named Anger escaped knowing that he would have been next. Demons will attempt to escape detection and the interrogation of an exorcist with the hopes of staying inside the victim. Stupidity also mentioned that the spirit of anger was its way to enter Jeff’s father and that another spirit, named “Beelzebub” was about 90 miles away from Jeff with the hopes of entering his body.

I immediately told the spirit to tell Beelzebub to stop under the authority of Jesus Christ. Stupidity confessed that the spirit had stopped and would not be heading Jeff’s way.

I called forth the next spirit inside of Jeff.

“I demand the next spirit to come to attention, in the name of Jesus.’

“I’m here.”

“What’s your name, spirit?”

“I’m Chains and Karma and we are heading towards you, to attack you.”

I immediately told the spirit that he would cease from coming near me, due to the fact that I was covered with the blood of Jesus. The demon was stopped from attacking me. I wanted to know the spiritual right the vile spirit had to Jeff.

“Why are you there?”

“Jeff had sexual contact with a cat.”

This perverse demon had been tormenting Jeff for years because of the sin of bestiality that he participated in. My wife and I have dealt with many afflicted individuals who got demons through the sin of bestiality.

Jeff received this mercy and truth. I had the high honor of driving the many demons inside of him out. Not only did God deliver him from the many evil spirits tormenting him but God also healed him of the colon and skin cancer, moles, and sinus problems.

Jay Bartlett

John Wesley Casting Out Devils in the 18th Century

Friday, March 14th, 2008

One of my favorite saints of old is John Wesley who performed great miracles, including casting out evil spirits.

“John Wesley was a man mighty in faith and prayer. Time and again people possessed with devils were brought to him and in answer to prayer the demons were cast out. Not only were evil spirits cast out, but the sick were healed as well. As Wesley preached, the power of God often came upon his listeners, and hundreds would fall under the power of the Holy Spirit. Then, in answer, to prayer their souls and bodies were healed. A physician became offended at the cries of many who fell under the power of God. He attended Wesley’s meeting and a lady he knew fell under the power. “Great drops of sweat ran down her face, and all her bones shook. But when both her soul and body were healed in a moment he acknowledged the finger of God.” On another occasion when Wesley was traveling the preaching circuit, his horse suddenly became lame. With no one near to offer help, he stopped and prayed. “Immediately the horse’s lameness was gone.”

(written by David Smithers) Jay Bartlett

Freed from Alien Sexual Attacks

Friday, March 14th, 2008

About a year ago, a middle aged gentleman contacted my wife and me for prayer. Bruce was suffering terribly from some demonic attacks and wanted someone to help him find freedom. 

Bruce flew in to our hometown from Los Angeles to stay a week for ministry. In our very first meeting with him we had discovered some disturbing information about his past. He had dabbled in some eastern religious cults, visited some Hindu temples, had sexual contact with an animal, and was bound by all kinds of sex spirits that would torment him. 

While talking with Bruce he complained of being touched by some invisible hands in his groin area. He said this had been happening to him for many months and he was desperate for the touching to stop. I proceeded to find out all the doorways he may have opened up over the years that could have allowed an evil sex spirit to invade his body. Bruce confessed to having committed adultery, bestiality, and sexual encounters with aliens. I know it may sound odd but Bruce actually had many sexual encounters with some kind of alien being. This alien being, which had female characteristics, would often visit him and have sex with him. 

He had only been at sea for a month or two as a merchant marine when an alien being manifested in his cabin and begin to communicate with him. I asked Bruce how this female alien being would communicate with him. He shared that the first time she manifested; the being would simply stare at him. Being curious he asked the female being to tap him on the right knee for yes and tap the left knee for no. He then began to ask the being a series of questions. Are you here to hurt me? A tap on the left knee. Are you here to share some special information with me? A tap on the right knee. Then gripped with the beauty of this female being he asked this strange alien if she wanted to have sex with him. The answer stunned Bruce. The alien being tapped on his right knee for yes. Within minutes this female alien being came over to Bruce and began to have sex with him. This first encounter led him to want many more encounters with this strange being.  This led him into being addicted to having sex with aliens.

Over the course of the next few weeks the encounters became more and more violent. This led Bruce to stop wanting the unholy encounters. The last time the spirit attempted to get physical he pushed the alien off of him and told the spirit to never come back. The alien being never again manifested. Bruce found deliverance from these vicious attacks through Jesus Christ the Lord.

Jay Bartlett