Deliverance from stubborn demons

I want to share a testimony about a short deliverance that took place recently. A young woman was feeling panic and an unhealthy fear of what God is doing in these end days. We begin to confront the demons, and they manifested, but weren’t going anywhere. At once point, this demon (I presume it was a spirit of fear) rose up and I felt this hovering evil presence about the person’s body… it was very evident had you of been there! I kept going after these demons, but they just wouldn’t budge… I must have commanded them to come out 30 times or so, with no avail! I demanded the spirit to tell me it’s legal right, and it shook it’s head (as in no). The person said they heard a voice that said, “NO.”Finally, I said, “Panic, I take all the pain, torment, and evil done to this person and to every generation up, and I multiply it 7 times greater and submit unto you the judgment of Almighty God!” then I slammed the Bible against the person’s shoulder and said, “Receive the wrath of God!”… WOWZA, did that throw the demon in serious torment… you could see it all over the face!

I kept pressing forward trying to drive it out, but again, with no avail… I kept going and going, and it refused to leave! I would have thought by now, it would have moved out, but I was wrong.

Then I said to the spirit, “Panic, do you want me to tell the angels of God to torment you?” and it shook it’s head… “Then you’d better come out right now,” I said. I continued my attempt to drive it out but still it would not leave.

Alright, by now I have had it, so I stepped back and said, “Angels of God who are present in this room, I want you to begin tormenting this foul spirit!” WOWZA! Again, horror ripped across the face and emotions begin to really surface by that time as the Holy Angels were tormenting this demon.

Then I begin to command the spirits to come out, and this time, they left without a fight. They were worn down by all the torment and judgment that I called upon them.

Finally after the last spirit left, there was a major breakthrough and release that the person experienced! Her face was glowing like you would not believe… totally the opposite of what I was seeing just minutes earlier! The entire deliverance lasted for roughly 20 minutes.

GLORY to the LIVING God!!!

Robert L.

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