Demon tortured by the SWORD!

I ran a young lady through a short deliverance… demons manifested, coughed, etc. When I ran a Bible across her and said, “I now cut the cords of bondage with the Word of God”, the demons caused sharp pains right where I was rubbing the Bible and cried “OUCH” and jumped back… evil spirits were cast out and there was a definite change afterwards!!

During this short deliverance, a demon spoke out in another voice (clearly not the person) and told me, “DON’T BE SO LOUD” as I was commanding them to come out… I immediately responded by saying, “Who just spoke to me?” and her head went down to avoid looking at me. Afterwards she described what it felt like; she said that even though she was conscience, she felt these words flowing out of her mouth and it’s like there was nothing she could do about it. Such happenings are not uncommon in this type of ministry!

Robert L.

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