Legion’s Battle with a Holy Angel

Larry was tormented by demons and arrived to a church service for some spiritual help. The church prayed for Larry as the evil spirits manifested and shouted, “You can’t him, he’s mine.”

The demon loudly proclaimed, “I’m Legion and we are many.”

Legion drove Larry’s body out of the church and towards the street until I shouted to the Lord’s holy angels and asked them to intervene in this battle. The members of the church continued to pray and witness the spiritual war. Within seconds, the angels literally threw Larry off the ground and onto the exterior wall of the church in a crucified position. The angels of mighty God were literally holding Larry against the wall of the church, against the demon’s will, so the evil demons couldn’t take him away. For a few minutes the angels held him in this holding position. All of us were in awe as we witnessed a modern miracle of angelic intervention, right before our eyes. Nobody had laid a hand upon him; nobody threw him against the wall except these invisible beings, which are here to minister, on behalf of the Holy Trinity.

After seeing the angels restrain the demons, I commanded the angels to bring Larry back into the church sanctuary so we could more effectively minister to his needs. The angels obeyed the command and drove him back into the church, where the church proceeded to drive out Legion from Larry in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

This battle went on for some time as the body of believers commanded Legion and the two thousand or so spirits comprised of him to leave. The evil departed and Larry was delivered by the power of the Holy Spirit. You could see the freedom and the love of Jesus bestowed upon his life. After leading Larry in a prayer renouncing Legion and embracing Jesus as Lord, he shared how during the time he lost consciousness (when Legion manifested) he felt like he was “thrown.” The pastor of the church and I shared with Larry how God intervened and sent His holy angels to the church to battle against Legion that held him captive. Larry was so happy and was rejoicing in his new found liberation from demonic bondage!

Jay Bartlett

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