Liberated from an Haunting

The young couple spoke of seeing a ghost like figure in their kitchen and feeling heavily oppressed whenever they went upstairs to the extra bedroom. They gave my wife and I a tour of the home and I too, felt the heavy oppression in the upstairs bedroom. It was if waves of demonic spirits spilled over your soul. The oppression was real and evil. The young couple also mentioned that they were times they heard footsteps, voices, scratches, and other strange phenomena in their home. I began to wonder what spirit was residing here to torment this family.

While talking with the young couple, downstairs, I began to probe them both on spiritual issues. This brought forth a spiritual reaction. A demon manifested within the young lady.

‘There is another demon besides me in this home.”

“Is he the one behind the spiritual heaviness in the upstairs extra bedroom?”

“Yes,” confessed the evil spirit speaking through the woman.

“Tell me in the name of Jesus who this spirit is.”

“His name is Sharon.”

I wanted to know the significance of the name Sharon, so I probed a little deeper.“What is the significance of the name Sharon?”

“The prior owner of the home was named Sharon. She had committed suicide in that upstairs bedroom and he’s been there ever since terrorizing the family.”The suicide allowed a demon the spiritual right to enter the home. This demon was the one behind the strange haunting and the ghost like appearances they had been experiencing and seeing in their home. As the demon began to explain what was truly happening in the home and the spiritual source of the bizarre activity, we began to witness some demonic activity ourselves. We all heard some scratching noises in the hallway and the lights began to flicker on and off in the living room. The demons were attempting to hinder the exorcism. They failed, however, as the demons were driven out of the young lady.

We then proceeded to deal with the spirit called Sharon that was manifesting in ghost like forms. We commanded it to leave in the holy name of Jesus, and it did. The young couples were never tormented again by ghosts in their home.

Jay Bartlett

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