Overcoming the the Curse of the Occult

I recently led an 85-year-old man to Christ who had been reading some occult texts authored by Edgar Cayce, commonly known as the Sleeping Prophet. This 85 year old was extremely fascinated by Cayce’s work as a psychic. This fascination, however, allowed some demonic spirits to enter this gentleman’s home and they began to haunt him and his family. Eventually the man rid himself of the occult texts as the haunting intensified. We also discovered that others in the family were followers of Edgar Cayce, in fact, we discovered that this interest in Cayce in this family went back over 100 years. This generational psychic curse upon the family allowed the evil spirits to enter the home and haunt this family. Possessing the Cayce literature allowed demons to enter the family line. Thankfully, the curse was broken through the blood of Jesus Christ and the hauntings ceased.

Jay Bartlett

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