Satanism, Voodoo & Witchcraft Defeated

A young man recently contacted us who needed liberation from the witchcraft powers that have bound him for years. He had sliced his own body in rituals, made blood pacts, spoke with demons, and was actively practicing witchcraft, voodoo, and Satanism. His involvement included trips to El Salvador, Guatemala, and Mexico to see some witchdoctors. In one exorcism with him, several evil spirits manifested that told me they had entered this young mans body through his participation is some blood pacts, that he had made six months earlier. One demon I confronted was named “Death” and he confessed to having entering this man’s body via his sin of making a pact with the devil. We dealt with several dozen evil spirits within this man. By the grace of God he was liberated by the power of Jesus Christ.

Jay Bartlett

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