Extreme migraines and Freemasonry

This was also shared by Mike, a fellow deliverance minister:

I was scheduled to minister to someone from another church on a Friday night early last month, when I request via e-mail asking if I could minister to another sister who has been experiencing extreme migraines and headaches almost on a daily basis. She was also experiencing horrible and frightening nightmares. I was advised that the intercessors at the church has prayed and fasted for her, but to no avail. They want to help this sister, but don’t really know what to do now. She has gone to several doctors and to the emergency several times, but nothing has been found. The doctors are continuing their pursuit in diagnosing her problem. (Thank God for doctors! We do need them!) I told her if time permits I would, but it would have to be on Sat, after my scheduled breakfast with their pastor. We met at 9:00 A.M.

As I met with this young sister and the intercessors, she told me that she only starting to experienced these problems when she accepted the Lord less than 2-3 months ago. She also told me that recently she started to experience a migraine when one of the intercessors tried to pray over her. The intercessor told me that it was true and now she’s afraid to lay hands on her? (Sounds like one of Satan’s tactics, doesn’t it?) She also said she felt like giving up on life, she’s cannot continue with the migraines. I reaffirmed her that her decision to accept our Lord in her life was the best decision she made, and that the Adversary is creating havoc in her life for doing so.

We initially dialogue for about an hour, obtaining some family background and issues in her life that she’s been struggling with. I won’t get into the issues specifically, but she repented and forgave. I then told her that I’m going pray over her (without laying my hands on her, I was in another chair), and invite the Holy Spirit and to reveal whatever needs to be revealed. I told her to surrender and cooperate with the Holy Spirit and focus on our Lord. She said she was willing to do so.

I then invited the Holy Spirit and waited upon His presence. Once I felt His presence, she started to gag, placed her hand over her mouth and ran for the bathroom. Upon her return approx 5 minutes later, I asked her if she had vomited. She said. “Yes, she started to feel ill and something started to come up!” I told her that we’re on the right track and the Lord has just revealed that there is an unclean spirit(s) in her, and that the Lord is directing us to remove it.

Did I immediately start to cast out the spirit? No.. I now felt to break curses over. I then explained to her what curses are and gave her biblical support of my perspectives, and how they can create stronghold in our lives today. I told her that I wanted to her to repeat after me, and she said she was willing.

In the process, the word “Freemasonry” came to my spirit. I then stopped her and asked her if she knew anyone in her family, past or present that was a Mason, a Demolay, a Rainbow Girl, a Job Daughter, or involved in any related secret society. She said she didn’t know. I told her to continue to repeat after me, “I (name) renounce all practices or Freemasonry from my life.” When she came to Freemasonry, she went something like Frrrrr… She could not say it! I then commanded all spirits hindering this process to step aside in the name of Jesus. We started again and then she could say it, but strenuously. I had her repeat again and then she could say it without hesitation. (For those of you who minister in this field, try this..have the person you’re praying for repeat after you in breaking curses). I was led to do this by the Holy Spirit years ago. I believe this is one of the ways the Holy Spirit reveals to us curses are applicable today and what curses are existing in someone’s life.

I then commanded the spirit that Jesus Christ is calling forward to come to attention and reveal yourself. To make a long story short, the spirit of Anger and Fear and their right to inhabit was identified. Both were casted-out. Both spirits were directly related to her issues!

The next morning I did a follow-up phone call because I had to catch my flight back home. The sister who initiated the request for prayer told me that she had the best sleep she ever had in months!

Last night, I received another e-mail saying that she has not gotten a single headache ever since that Sat. Praise God! I was also told in the e-mail she is praising God for everything!


This afternoon, I had lunch with her and the intercessor who arranged the initial ministry session. I asked her how she’s doing (it’s been over a month now)? She said she hasn’t had a single migraine or headache ever since her deliverance. She also said, ” I sleep so good now!”

The intercessor (her friend) said she comes to church regularly and just loves the Lord!

I told the intercessor to ensure she continues to receive counseling and mentoring. As I’ve mentioned in the past, deliverance is only part of the package! Praise the Lord for his love and mercy!

All I can say is, let Jesus be praised!!!

Robert L.

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