Freed from Alien Sexual Attacks

About a year ago, a middle aged gentleman contacted my wife and me for prayer. Bruce was suffering terribly from some demonic attacks and wanted someone to help him find freedom. 

Bruce flew in to our hometown from Los Angeles to stay a week for ministry. In our very first meeting with him we had discovered some disturbing information about his past. He had dabbled in some eastern religious cults, visited some Hindu temples, had sexual contact with an animal, and was bound by all kinds of sex spirits that would torment him. 

While talking with Bruce he complained of being touched by some invisible hands in his groin area. He said this had been happening to him for many months and he was desperate for the touching to stop. I proceeded to find out all the doorways he may have opened up over the years that could have allowed an evil sex spirit to invade his body. Bruce confessed to having committed adultery, bestiality, and sexual encounters with aliens. I know it may sound odd but Bruce actually had many sexual encounters with some kind of alien being. This alien being, which had female characteristics, would often visit him and have sex with him. 

He had only been at sea for a month or two as a merchant marine when an alien being manifested in his cabin and begin to communicate with him. I asked Bruce how this female alien being would communicate with him. He shared that the first time she manifested; the being would simply stare at him. Being curious he asked the female being to tap him on the right knee for yes and tap the left knee for no. He then began to ask the being a series of questions. Are you here to hurt me? A tap on the left knee. Are you here to share some special information with me? A tap on the right knee. Then gripped with the beauty of this female being he asked this strange alien if she wanted to have sex with him. The answer stunned Bruce. The alien being tapped on his right knee for yes. Within minutes this female alien being came over to Bruce and began to have sex with him. This first encounter led him to want many more encounters with this strange being.  This led him into being addicted to having sex with aliens.

Over the course of the next few weeks the encounters became more and more violent. This led Bruce to stop wanting the unholy encounters. The last time the spirit attempted to get physical he pushed the alien off of him and told the spirit to never come back. The alien being never again manifested. Bruce found deliverance from these vicious attacks through Jesus Christ the Lord.

Jay Bartlett

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