God works more than we think

Today I was traveling from home to city centre. I was using public bus and nearby was a Muslim man. He was stand as I did. The man started strangely saying “If we will reach the Journey God help!” I was feeling as if rebuking him because all I was thinking was “God is in control.” Then something strange happened! He fainted. I helped to put him in chair of one passenger and found myself one hand on his head and one hand holding his hand!! I knew what God meant! Pray for Him! I was quietly binding demons that were veiling his understanding, hindering him to come to JESUS! I then prayed for God to have mercy on him as he haven’t received Jesus. It was something like this “Lord don’t take him because he haven’t received Jesus yet.” I felt a loss if he will loose his eternity! God heard me and He was soon awake and he became conscious!

Praise God!!

Your fellow servant,

Ev. Steve

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