The Demon that Cursed Me was Driven Out

I knew something was wrong when Max said he heard a angry voice that cursed me. We were talking about the subject of deliverance when this occurred. This will always get the attention of demons…when a believers starts talking about their personal stories of Jesus being victorious over the evil one.

Just minutes ago three evil spirits (that were bringing him all kinds of condemnation) were driven out of a 28 year old man as the individual repented of his sins that allowed them access. This was done on the 12th floor of a high rise building in the city. The man nearly collapsed as he was being delivered. Then the Lord spoke to this man and told him to tell me that he “loves me.” I was greatly encouraged.

During the deliverance session, the three spirits begged me not to read the Scriptures and the mere reading of the Holy Word weakened them. There was some struggle but the Lord Jesus prevailed.

All glory goes to God for it was His work, His alone.

Jay Bartlett

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