The House that no one wanted

One thing I have realized in this ministry is the power and the intent behind the words spoken by an individual. So many times words are spoken which bring upon a curse on a person or even an object. I am going to share with you one such example in which recently I was asked to pray and intercede on behalf of a family and their house. This family lived in a house that was approximately five years old in a desirable neighborhood in a new and developing area. Whenever a house in the neighborhood went up for sale it would sell within a week. This was not the case for this house as it had a for sale sign for the past two years.

It was imperative that the family would have to sell this house, as they could not keep up financially. They were a retired couple and were looking to down size into something smaller and within their budget. This retired couple had living with them at the time a parent that required constant care. The task of caring for this elderly woman was too much for the family to bear, as there were many health concerns for this elderly parent. They had decided it would be in the best interest of the parent to have her placed in a medically supervised nursing home. This grieved the elderly parent and she had interpreted this as an act of abandonment and betrayal. And so she had spoken a curse over the house, stating that as long as she lived that the house would never sell. The family did not think much of this and carried on with their lives.

Two years had passed by and the house still did not sell and things had gotten desperate for the family financially. They had about two months left before beginning the process of filling for bankruptcy. One of there daughters had contacted me and asked if I would help. As I began to pray the spoken curse was brought out in the open, and so that spoken vow and curse was broken and removed from that house. The spirits that entered as a result of that spoken curse left with a violent wind forcing the front door of the house to open leaving with a sound that can be described as young children screaming. We then blessed that house and declared it sold in Jesus name.

That house was then sold before the end of the month just as we had declared. I share this testimony in hopes to encourage those that are facing a similar situation. Our God is powerful and he has given us the authority in Christ. There are no spoken curses or words that cannot be removed and destroyed in Jesus Christ’s name.

In Christ


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