Demon Possessed Set Free in the Name of Jesus!

I used to visit an elderly lady twice a week to pray for her and her husband as she was house-bound. She had one eye and an ear removed because of cancer and so half of her face was covered with a bandage and she would not receive visitors.
Whenever I went to visit, her husband would go out or if he saw me on the street he would cross the street, stand to attention and salute me. I never did get to speak to him for he would avoid that. I regularly visited his wife and prayed for her and for him (whether he was there or not) for over two years.
Then one evening he called to see my sister’s husband and I saw him struggling up the steps and I went and helped him. He said he was having problems with his heart. A little later just before we left to go for a meeting, I asked Robert to pray for him. At this time my cousin who was living with us joined us in prayer along with the servant lady. We closed our eyes while praying and left the house. We were told later that the servant lady and fallen down during the prayer.
The next morning the servant came to me for prayer saying she suffered all night with no sleep. Her stomach kept bloating and something kept forcing her out and trying to push her down the well. She kept struggling against these powers and was tormented. Once again Robert, my cousin and I began to pray for her and only my sister’s husband who was home, heard all that was going on. She covered her head with a towel and knelt down for prayer. As soon as the blood of Jesus was mentioned she flung the towel down and with her eyes closed and her finger pointing at me she said in good English “Margaret, you are the cause of all the trouble. I was happy living in the old man for 60 years and you would come and pray, pray, pray…….get out, get out, get out and now I have got your servant and I will not come out.” Normally she could not speak good English and she would address me as “Margaret missy” and not call me “Margaret.”
In the Name of Jesus Christ we insisted the demon had to go now, the demon started pleading to stay for one month, then one week and finally left with a scream and left the servant lying on the floor. In a little while she was up and she was set free!
PRAISE GOD for the power in the name of Jesus Christ to set captives free from demons!
Margaret Wright

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