Trespassing demon spirit: DESTROYED!

Today, my new friend Rod was set free from a demon spirit that was lodged in his stomach. It had been there for several years, tormenting and causing trouble in this brother. We fought it for 3 1/2 hours before it finally left. Normally, spirits pour out and come out continuously for that amount of time. But this one was a particularly stubborn spirit, holding his position, moving around the body, going right up to the “exit door” and just staying. The spirit laughed at me when he thought he was causing me pain. But Rod said when I placed my fist in his chest (not hard, of course), it was like a fire bomb explosion within his body. He said that the Fire of God came in right then, and everything exploded and the spirit went out with the explosion! Praise God!!!!

Sometimes these spirits are stubborn and think they can stay. But I’m here to tell you to stay the course brothers and sisters! No matter what they say, do, or how much they laugh, or fight, they must and will go in Jesus Mighty Name! His Love endures FOREVER!

Posted by: Joey Guess

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