Heckler from the Balcony Delivered!

It was an electrifying atmosphere. You could feel it.The Salvation Army chapel was a standing room only crowd on this night. There were people up against the walls, standing in the back and up in the balcony. Every seat was taken and there was this building anticipation. I just loved it! The place was ready to rumble. I’m telling you could feel it!

I preached a message titled, “What to do when Satan speaks…” The assembled crowd was energetic and very attentive. I proclaimed the cross of Jesus Christ and I could feel the Spirit of God at work.

Satan was working though too. There were two young guys up in the balcony heckling me the entire time I preached God’s Word, the ENTIRE TIME. Mocking, blaspheming, and profane, they just wouldn’t let up; however, they were no match for the power of the blood that swept through the room on this night! I knew that they needed to be there so I didn’t ask them to leave.

After the message, many prayed with me to surrender to Jesus for salvation, so many wanted Christ as Savior, I was deeply moved. I then led the entire crowd into the Holy Communion which was a very powerful holy moment. Then I began ministering to the crowd and all over people was manifesting demons. I brought the people up and we conducted public exorcisms for all to SEE (including the hecklers who were now watching and not saying a word)! After casting some evil spirits out of a woman named Judy, one of the hecklers rushed to the stage and grabbed me and loudly asked me to pray for him as he was plagued with profanity and blasphemy (no kidding!). I proceeded to make the symbol of the cross on his forehead and the demon violently reacted within him, knocked him to the ground and my dear brothers in Christ assisted me in casting out the evil spirits in him. He was free and proclaimed his liberation to all in the chapel! He was no longer heckling me but praising the name of Jesus.

Submitted by Jay Bartlett

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