Rejection spirit cast out of alter

I was on the phone with an alternate personality this evening, when I was introduced to another alter (let’s call her Susie, for privacy sake) who had several monsters (that is what alters will often call the demons). One of these demons was a spirit of rejection. I had asked Susie if rejection had a right, and she thought about it for a moment and said, “I haven’t forgiven my daddy.” I explained to her that she needed to forgive, and that forgiving was not the same as trusting that person. I started to lead her to forgive, when suddenly the voice changed over the phone, saying, “I don’t want her to forgive!”

“What is your name?” I asked. “Rejection!” the spirit replied. Rejection then proceeded to tell me that, “Her daddy gave her to me. He told her that he didn’t want her anymore. I became her imaginary friend.” Now why demons often volunteer all of this information is beyond me. I then called up Susie again, and led her to forgive her daddy. She repeated after me a simple prayer of forgiveness along with asking Jesus to take the hurt (that her daddy caused), and then I asked her to renounce the imaginary friend of rejection. She couldn’t. She tried a couple of times, but just could not. I then called up rejection. “What do you want?” was the response I got from the spirit. I bound rejection and forbid it from interfering with what we were doing. I then called Susie back to the surface, and led her to renounce rejection, and this time we were met with no resistance. I then called rejection back up and commanded it to repeat after me, as I led it to renounce all rights to Susie and go to the pit. As usual, it resisted and did not want to repeat the words about going to the pit, but with some persistence the spirit yielded and agreed to go to the pit. I then proceeded to cast rejection out, and afterwards there was dead silence.”

Rejection, are you there?” I asked, but with no reply. I then called up Susie and asked her if rejection had left. She said that she couldn’t see him anymore, and that she felt a lot better.

Posted by Robert L.  

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