Holy Communion Ascended, Demons Desended

Some of the ladies we are in the midst of assisting (and safe housing from evil sects)┬árecently showcased their God given ability before many in this past Friday’s chapel service at the Salvation Army. Tina, Kimi, and Alicia did a skit and a few praise songs, for all. The people enjoyed the service and I then allowed Tina to share her testimony thus far of God’s grace. The people were really encouraged.I then preached a message on Hell and during the message I could sense many in the chapel were being attacked by demons (even Tina remarked afterwards about seeing many in the chapel with monsters/demons). I then proceeded to invite the people to surrender to Jesus Christ. Many did, God’s holy angels rejoiced and I then led everyone in Holy Communion. This is where the monsters/demons reacted!

Many in the chapel couldn’t even partake of the holy elements because of the demons within them prevented them from doing so. My friends, there is sacred supernatural power within the Holy Communion. Demons abhor the sacred elements!

Then minutes after partaking of the Holy Communion, evil spirits manifested and I began to battle with them in public.

I invited one lady who was standing in front of me at the altar, who had not participated in the Holy Communion, to partake. The demon reacted violently and smashed the communion cup I was holding and grabbed my Bible and threw it across the chapel.

Everyone just stood there in total SHOCK! Mouth and eyes wide opened.

“I’m Logistics and there’s eight of us,” one demon said to me, within this lady that stood before me.

“I hold unto sacrificial rights and oaths, she sacrificed a cat,” the evil spirit informed me.

After the lady broke the rights and repented of the sins that led to this demonization, I commanded the eight demons to leave! While I was commanding them to leave, I was shocked, as no one in the chapel offered to help. NO-ONE!

Everyone was either fearful or simply shocked that this was occurring before their very own eyes! I was thinking why isn’t anyone helping or even praying!??!!

I cried out! “Come on, everyone, stand in agreement against this demon in the name of Jesus!”

Only a few stood in agreement after my loud request for assistance. Most who were assembled were controlled by the enemy! You could feel it and see it!

Here’s a woman controlled by demon powers and nearly everyone was placed in a spiritual stupor. Furthermore, here’s a demonized lady who’s reacting violently and no one came up to assist. So, I, asked the holy angels of God to help me! Within a minute, angels, restrained the lady and held her so I could effectively expel the demons out of her body!

After a brief struggle the demons were driven out and the lady was so relieved and happy in Jesus!

Within minutes of this Tina, outside the Salvation Army chapel, completely went into a hellish robotic deep trance. It even got worse when we got into my Jeep as minutes later, while stopping for a red light, the trance spirits had her open the back seat door and she in a robotic manner walked away from the vehicle towards a parking lot.

I parked the Jeep and followed this robotic spirit.

I couldn’t believe it, as these trance spirits took complete control of her and directed her steps. Her movements were bizarre in that she reacted in a very mechanical fashion. Tina was gone. A robotic demonic spirit had surfaced and was being used of the cult to get her away from me and to a place where they could recapture her.

Knowing I needed to battle this quickly as I knew Tina could be injured by this demon, as she was walking in traffic towards a parking lot or me losing her to a cult member who may have been in the area utilizing the trance spirits for their evil purposes. I got some holy water and sprayed it upon her and immediately the evil spirits FROZE in place! I then began to confine the spirits with spiritual chains and I asked the holy angels to assist me in dragging her back to the car! I literally pulled the spiritual leash I had on the chains and the robotic spirits submitted and followed me as I held the leash (I didn’t physically touch her body the entire time, as I, by faith in Jesus, believed this would work and it did!) and took her back to my parked Jeep.

Guess who came up to us while getting her into the Jeep? The local police, of course (strange timing, huh?), inquiring what was happening and if everyone was okay. I explained everything was okay and quickly departed the area.

We traveled back to the Methodist Church. When we parked, I had the holy angels pick her up out of the Jeep and into the church. The holy angels carried her back into the church where pastor Simon and I battled many of these trance spirits that were within her. They were expelled in the name of Jesus.

My friends, when encountering individuals who are involved in organized sects and cults it is imperative we are watchful of these kinds of spirits that are operating within these individuals, as they can easily be provoked into a trance, by someone in the cult and taken from your presence. These kinds of demonic spirits can be quite difficult to deal with as you never know when they are activated. The timing can be dangerous for all involved as you can see!
But, through it all, I’m thankful, Jesus provided and responded in His power!

Submitted by Jay Bartlett

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