800 + Evil Demons Driven Out in Minutes

My wife and I along with our children battled a perverse spirit named, “socx,” just a few hours ago, who had entered the victim’s body as a result of sexual immorality & satanic sacrifical rights. The holy mighty angels of God entered our living room and restrained these violent spirits, as my boys looked on.

After obtaining the name of the spirits, this vile demon also revealed there were 827 more of his kind. After this precious believer confessed these spiritual rights by which this spirit was holding onto, we drove them out, as the holy angels restrained the body, in the name of Jesus. All 828 exited the body via loud shrieks and the body slumped.

The believer was so relieved and happy in Jesus!

All of this, within minutes. God is so gracious!

Submitted by Jay Bartlett

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