Miracles for ALL to SEE!

I preached a message recently at the Salvation Army chapel service, “The Promise of Persecution,” led everyone in Holy Communion, and then called people to Jesus, ten individuals surrendered to Christ for the first time! Then God prompted us to minister to Breena and a little 6 year old part surfaced named, Jill. She was mute. We prayed for this precious part and this little part experienced the light of Jesus for the very first time and then we proceeded to pray that her hand feel the fire of the Holy Spirit and she DID, her hand became much warmer and then we asked her to place her fingers that were now filled with the fire of the Spirit of God on her tongue. A battle ensured as the forces of Satan knew that when the fire touched the tongue she would speak!

The demons tried to hinder as they were trying to force her hand down but as Joey, Captain, James, Steven, and I called upon God, our loving God answered and Jill lifted her hand touched her tongue and was able to say, JESUS! She spoke for the very first time! Cheers erupted throughout the chapel and she was healed of muteness!

Then an African/Cherokee man came forward requesting prayer and within minutes of prayer the man collapsed after we told three witchcraft demons to exit his body, they departed him as we commanded them to leave in Jesus name. After the deliverance, we prayed for him and he could literally feel throughout his entire body the fire of the Spirit of God cleansing him!

Submitted by Jay

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