Infirmities Healed, Demons Expelled

Over the weekend, we ministered to a precious believer, who was heading to the hospital later in the day due to a fever and a concerning infection. She came for prayer and thirteen demons named, “Vinro,” were confronted in the bold name of Jesus.

“What rights do you have to this precious child of God?” “I came in through the birth mother because of her physical afflictions and sickness,” the demon replied. “There’s thirteen of us and we are not leaving.”

“Oh, yes you are Vinro,” I reminded the thirteen defeated spirits.

The young lady renounced Vinro and the generational sickness curses from the birth mother and they were broken and Vinro demons left the body!

Well, the young lady went to the hospital and texted messaged me later.

“I’m at the hospital and there is no infection and no fever. Jesus is good.”

Jesus loves to heal fevers and infections (Psalm 103 tells us God heals us of all of our diseases).

Submitted by Jay

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