Hungry Souls Seeking Deliverance from Demon Powers

Last night we conducted a night service at one of the largest Salvation Army chapels in the world. On the lower floor it was jammed packed with hungry souls looking for spiritual truth and liberation from evil spirits. In fact, it was a standing room crowd that assembled as people were standing in the very back listening to the proclamation of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ that I brought forth from the pulpit. Over the past few years hundreds have surrendred their lives to Jesus in our chapel services and on this night many more placed their faith in Christ for the very first time, they had made their peace with God.

 After leading those assembled in Holy Communion we began to pray for the sick, the diseased (including a 11 year old boy with a very rare disease called TS), and the demon afflicted. For several hours we drove out many demons and people were released from demons. The first lady, in her mid-30’s, requested prayer to be healed of the demonic torment she had been experiencing for a long time. Immediately the Lord Jesus took her torment away and set her free. One African lady, who grew up in a Freemason cult, was immediately delivered when we prayed, she could feel the satanic spirits exit her body. She was so joyful in the Holy Spirit. A few others testified of experiencing the same kind of spiritual release from our loving God.

 A Persian family came to the meeting from out of town and requested pray for their 11 year old boy. In agreement with the mother we told the torment and the rare TS disease to leave the boy in Jesus name. After I prayed, the precious little boy exclaimed, “I feel better!” He was so happy too! So was his mother as she was shedding tears of joy. Later in the evening the boy said he was experiencing dizziness. I commanded the dizziness to go and it left immediately!

We also ministered to an Indian family that was heavily involved in sorcery and all forms of occultism for many generations. We led this dear family in a prayer to break the spritual bonds of occultism over her life and the Lord honored her prayers!

Then we began to minister to a family who had traveled a long distance for healing and deliverance. For a few hours we battled 10 different generational sex spirits that were battled us.

 “We want to kill the family,” the demons boasted, speaking to me from within the man.

“This man loves Jesus and you must go,” I quickly told the spirits in control of the husband.

We commanded the demonic spirits to leave the body and to go to the pit! They quickly departed and the man was released from the demonic bondage.

Many others testified feeling spiritually relieved upon taking Holy Communion~the body and blood of our Lord Jesus.

Praise be to God for great things He hath done!

Submitted by Jay

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