Victory from Supporting the Deliverance Ministry

I received this report recently:

“The Lord recently led me to provide some financial support to the one of the deliverance ministries associated with this fellowship forum. Satan was really trying to hinder but I eventually pushed past that and sent some support. Since then I would like to share some of the recent blessings:

1) I had a winter coat that had ripped. I was really upset as this was my favorite. I sent the company an email and they are sending a replacement. I bought it like 5 years ago.

2) We got our daughter a pair of boots for christmas. She really liked them. The sole started coming off the other day. I sent an email to the company and they are sending a replacement. Their normal return policy is 30 days. We bought them 5 months ago.

3) I dropped our dental coverage at the end of 2009 to save the expense. I have kept the medical coverage only. My daughter had braces and the braces came off in January. She needed to get a retainer and still needs to see the orthodontist every few months or so. I got a notice in the mail from the insurance company that the bill the orthodontist sent them was kicked back to the orthodondist. The notice showed that the retainer without insurance cost $725 the negotiated cost from the ins comapany (if I still had insurance) would be $240. My daughter had to go to see the orthodontist this morning. I was hoping that we could get by with just paying the ins company negotiated rate of $240 plus the cost for the visit. I was waiting in my truck praying, what I normally do during my daughters visits. When they came back out my wife told me that their wasn’t any charge. They told her that the insurance company covered the expenses and will cover up to 5 more visits. Wow. God is good.

It pays to support God’s work!

God Bless,
Rich K.”

Submitted by Jay

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