Death Threat from Europe but Miracles in Guatemala Continued On!

I am simply in awe of Gods beautiful grace, mercy, goodness and love! I would not be writing to today if it were not for His grace in my own life! I am humbled to serve Jesus and YOU!

Late last night after writing to all of you I checked the rest of my emails and came across an email from a lady who lives in Europe who is horribly demon afflicted. In fact, these evil spirits within her are able to take control of her body and write me threatening emails. Some of the emails are vile, perverted, and downright evil! I received another one.


I take these threats very seriously as some of these threats have actual been carried out, so I walk in prudence and prayer trusting the blood of Jesus to protect! It is worthy to note that participating in this kind work of the gospel will bring forth all kinds of enemies you did not even think you had. Even those in the church (wolves in sheep clothing), so we must be on guard as Jesus warned us!

The enemy threatened but despite that God continued on with the miracles in Guatemala!

Neighbor Delivered from Powerful Demons in Jesus Name!

I spent the morning conducting church business and I am thankful to report we were able to obtain chairs for the church, more then 10,000 Spanish gospel tracts and 36 Spanish hardbound Bibles (many Guatemalans do not even possess a New Testament let alone a Bible. Case in point my dear evangelists wife did not even have a Bible, she was so grateful to finally possess one!) and other gospel literature! This will ensure we will blanket Guatemala City with the gospel in the months to come!

(I was also given the opportunity to place my books, which will be translated into Spanish, at the bookstore for those in the city to purchase. Amen!)

Then upon our return, while praying, a neighbor heard me and inquired if I could come next door and pray for her son who had been sick for days! We went next door and this 36 year old son just laid there on his sick bed depressed! He said he was willing to forsake the sin that had been entangling him. Within seconds of praying for him a demonic spirit surfaced and started to choke him. I commanded the demon to let go of him and to leave him in the name of Jesus. Moments later the chocking ceased and he was delivered from these evil spirits. He then stood up off his sick bed testifying to the release he experienced and described how he felt the demons exit through his mouth! He was so happy to be free!

Unreached Indigenous Peoples of the Mountains Reached with the Gospel

Evangelist Adolfo Fong Luna, his wife and I then travelled deep into the mountain region of Guatemala and preached in some villages! It was intense traversing the mountains but God was gracious and landed us in a remote village where we went door to door and shared the gospel! The very first family we spoke with was welcoming to the gospel message and allowed us in their home. There were 9 family members in the small home and only one was a believer (the lady of the home who is widow, we are going to do what we can to assist her). We had the wonderful opportunity to lead them to Jesus and then I had the beautiful opportunity to marry the mothers daughter and her boyfriend. They had been living together and recently gave birth to a most beautiful baby boy but needed to get married so we held a impromptu marriage ceremony in their home and Jesus visited us powerfully-many of us were in tears and relief was shown upon their faces as Jesus was honored! Then after the marriage ceremony the young man was delivered from demons and the young lady was healed of a broken heart-more tears were shed!

We were also able, while in this small village, to reach some of the Indigenous people of Guatemala whom had never heard the gospel clearly presented. Two of them were brought into the Kingdom of God, including a 9 year old girl who was very hungry for the gospel. God spoke to me and gave me some words to share with her!

“God is happy with you and He will never leave you. He loves you,” was the words our loving Lord gave me and it clearly touched her and her family! That little girl, in a remote village of Central America, will do great things for God! This I know!

A few others came to Jesus and one lady was delivered from a demon called insomnia! She should sleep good tonight!

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