Church that Casts Out Demons Birthed in Guatemala!

I am currently at my hotel in beautiful Guatemala thanking God for all that HE has done in our midst! I am deeply humbled that He would allow me to participate with Him in the Kingdom work in this nation. I stand in awe of His amazing grace and love!

This morning I had the wonderful opportunity to stand before a small group of saints, in evangelist Adolfo Fong Lunas home, to lead a new church, birthed by the Holy Spirit, in Guatemala City. I led my brothers and sisters in Holy Communion and we worshipped Jesus. On my next visit to Guatemala I will formally ordain this evangelist friend to the gospel ministry whereby he will be allowed to perform marriages along with other duties of the church! Moreover, I will bring along with me hundreds of Spanish gospel tracts and Bibles for this new church. Pray that this precious little church would be protected and unified under the holy blood of Jesus! It is a very small house church in a one room home but this was the work of God whereby we will be able to disciple new converts in the faith!

After our church service we held a powerful outdoor gospel meeting in a nearby park, a different venue from the areas where we had been proclaiming the good news of Jesus. Perhaps 100 or so were gathered and we proclaimed the victory of the gospel with great liberty! During the ministry time a father with his little boy, perhaps 8 or 9 years of age, needed prayer as his little son was deaf and mute. I commanded the deafness to leave in Jesus name and immediately the little one was able to hear! His father was so grateful to the Lord for this miracle. We did face some serious demonic resistance when commanding the muteness to go. For one reason or another, the muteness was resistant. We trust the Lord to complete the work He has begun! Then a young man perhaps in his late 20s was present who needed relief from a persistent back and spinal pain that he had been suffering for many years as a result of a work injury! We took authority over the afflictions and he was healed in Jesus name! A few others were also healed in the outdoor meeting!

As we concluded our gospel meeting and was down the street, a man in his 40s, chased us down and inquired, if we were the ones in the park praying for the sick. We responded we were and we would like to help in any way we can! This dear saint had also been afflicted with immense spinal pain and distress and had blood issues that he wanted to be healed of! Within a few minutes of prayer he could be seen with a beautiful smile and testified of being touched by Jesus and healed of the affliction! Amen! See what happens when you chase down Jesus, He answers. We are merely servants of God, only Jesus heals and we point people to Him!

For the next 5 hours we traveled about the city and held various open air gospel meetings, one meeting in Central Park in front of the immensely beautiful Guatemala Catholic Cathedral, we held a large gathering where, perhaps, a thousand souls, was able to hear the gospel proclaimed! The gathering was attentive and glad to hear the encouraging word of the Lord Jesus! After this meeting we held a very small meeting, with only a handful of people but God healed 4 people! Two sisters with arthritis, one lady with a eye affliction, and a dear lady with a severe broken heart. This was after our little meeting and we noticed this very sad young lady sitting nearby who looked like she was carrying the burdens of the world…I inquired if she was sad and she she was….within seconds of praying over her, she began to cry, as Jesus comforted her and healed her sad heart and Jesus gave her joy and strength that she previously did not have. Jesus came to heal the broken hearted! This is an aspect of the ministry of the gospel that is often ignored. We hear of people being healed of physical afflictions however, God desires to even provided a soothing touch for hurting & broken souls. So many in our day, throughout the world, suffering internally, they carry deep heart pain, they are sad, hurt because their hearts have been wounded and we ought to bring the tender healing of God to these wounded hearts so that they may be liberated from their inner pain.

Jesus, He is a beautiful Savior, who adores YOU! He is thinking of YOU at this very hour. He has your very best interests at heart. He is able to bring about your salvation, healing, and deliverance. Jesus saved, healed, and delivered those with evil spirits during our time here in Guatemala City. He is to be praised!

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