Little 1 Year Old Girl Healed of Fever and So Much More!

We are rejoicing in what God has done in Guatemala with precious people entering into the Kingdom of God for the very first time, bodies healed, and souls delivered from evil spirits in the name of Jesus. There is no doubt in my mind that God has started something quite beautiful here in Guatemala City (this will only be multiplied throughout the world as we further the call of God). Our morning service was packed with people who were hungering for Bible teaching and loving fellowship. I taught these precious people from Romans 12 and the people enthusiastically received the teaching, in fact during the teaching the Holy Spirit stopped me during the portion where the apostle Paul writes, “Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse. Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.” I immediately sensed there were those present who were in a state of mourning, with heavy hearts, and deeply wounded spirits that needed compassion and love. We prayed for a release of the healing of God upon broken hearts and many hearts were healed. It was fantastic to experience the sweet comforting presence of God in our midst!

Towards the end of the service, after the partaking of the Holy Communion, a young mother with her little one year girl in her arms, came requesting prayer for the healing of her little one that had a fever and was feeling very sick! The little girl avoided me and did not want anything to do with me but after commanding this fever to leave, the little one was healed immediately and then wanted to play peek-a-boo with me! For the rest of the morning the little girl wanted to play with me and at the very end ran to me wanting to be picked up. So, I picked her up and we danced and she just smiled so brightly. Little ones need prayers of healing and deliverance! I know with my little ones I pray for their protection and healing constantly! Jesus adores little babies and children, they are precious to Him!

After a fellowship meal where we were able to provide many meals for those hungry who were members of this little church we travelled down the road to participate in the National Peace Conference, sponsored by some of the largest churches in Guatemala. More then 7,000 came, to the Central Square, exceeding the expectation of the 3,000 that they thought would attend! I was honored to be among a handful (there were perhaps 12 of us) of pastors, evangelists, teachers, those with apostolic oversight, and other leaders on the platform to pray for the peace of Guatemala. The leader of the Conference introduced me and shared about the new church we planted. This was also televised throughout Latin America so many were able to hear of the ministry we have started in this nation! Though I was not able to speak I was honoured nevertheless to be a part of the leaders of the church in Guatemala. It is amazing to think about it…I just arrived to this country a few weeks ago, watched as the Holy Spirit birthed a church, and was then invited by the leaders of the church of the entire nation to join them for the prayers of the nation. Amen!

We have scheduled a special Easter weekend evangelistic crusade, next month, at the amphitheater located at the Central Square, to preach the gospel, to deliver those bound by demons, and to pray for the sick. God has been gracious to provide the funds to rent out this amphitheater and we are grateful to God! Please pray for this outreach for Jesus!

On a personal note, I have been feeling strong in spirit and body by Gods grace. I have battled numerous afflictions the past few months and it has been distressing but our God is a Living God and He provided His healing to me His servant!

Words cannot describe how thankful I am to YOU, you are important to us as you provide the prayers and love that under-grid this ministry of evangelism, deliverance, and healing!

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