In Baltimore where people are miraculously being cured of demonic affliction and diseases!

It is nearly 2am here but truly joyful in the Lord as I am in Baltimore and have seen miracles occurring, as dear people are being cured of demonic affliction and diseases! Just before arriving to Maryland I was again sent a threatening and disturbing email from an evil spirit, within a lady in Western Europe, that wondered if I wanted to be “burned alive.” I am facing some very vicious enemies however I stay close to Jesus who is my strong tower! The enemy is attempting to instill fear and hinder me but we press onward and God is providing some powerful miracles in our midst.As soon as I arrived in Baltimore, my shuttle driver to the hotel, was a dear Jamaican brother who was jamming to some gospel music, from his church back in Jamaica, that blared out loudly, “Satan is defeated, Jesus is Lord, Satan is defeated, Jesus is Lord.” It was wonderful to hear and was thrilled to see Jesus conquer the evil ones in my mission to Maryland!

In our 14 hour deliverance meeting today we battled many demons and God was faithful to deliver and heal! In one ministry session a dear lady had arrived with her husband and upon entering the meeting room she began to tear up as she had shared God was dealing with her so without wasting time we immediately began to minister to her. Four evil spirits surfaced pretty quickly: Diabetes, Crones Disease, Sleep Apnea, and Pain!

~Diabetes spirit spoke to me and revealed he was a generational spirit that had initially entered her great grandmother as a result of her sin of anger “towards children.” He was cast out in Jesus name!

~Crones Disease spirit had confessed he had entered her at the age of 38 because she had gotten considerably weaker in “soul and body,” thus he brought a host of demonic afflictions including: fatigue, anxious feelings, panic attacks, causing her to question her faith, causing her to be frustrated, extreme pain in the stomach, colon, and bowels. This particular spirit had broken her heart and boasted of this and revealed he held on two parts of her broken heart to hinder her from experiencing inner healing that she so desperately needed! I spoke with these two parts and they were freed, healed and rejoined to the core (The Lord heals the Brokenhearted so says Psalm 147:3). This demonic spirit was driven out in Jesus name!

~Sleep Apnea demonic spirit confessed he had also entered her at age 38 due to extreme exhaustion as a result of a divorce she was enduring. This unholy spirit was expelled in Jesus name!

~Pain spirit announced to all of us he had been in her family for “many generations, because her ancestors were cruel to others, including children and grandchildren.” There are many Scriptural edicts that encourage saints to be kind to one another as love is kind! This vicious pain spirit had brought into the family for many generations a variety of afflictions including: strokes, cancer, chronic pain, dementia, anxiety, insecurity, and caused many family members the inability to surrender to the gospel call–to come to Jesus Christ! This vile spirit was driven out in Jesus name!

All of these demonic entities were cast out and immediately this dear lady, in her astonishment, cried out, “I AM HEALED, I DON’T FEEL THE PAIN ANYMORE.” She testified she could no longer feel any pain and she was completely amazed! For many many years this woman has suffered from a host of painful of afflictions, from childhood even. This lady’s face said it all! She was so happy, she no longer felt the pain! Jesus miraculously healed her!

She agreed to be videotaped to testify to God’s delivering and healing power so I’ll be posting her testimony on YouTube when I arrive back!

Here were some of the highlights of the meeting:

  • A Dominican Republic young lady who had traveled hundreds of miles to be present at our meeting was delivered from a host of demonic spirits and satanic objects that had been placed in her body. At the beginning of the deliverance session, the spirits twisted her body and jerked her around violently, these were driven out in Jesus name. Spirits behind crystals, palmistry, the satanic sect of the “Order of the White Star,” astrology, angel worship, horoscopes, Santeria, Voodoo, Voodoo rituals, satanic baths, Incubus and Succubus encounters, were all driven out in Jesus name! Some of the demons came out through her feet and from the top of her head! This dear lady had even participated in a number of Santeria sacrifices to Saint Barbara where she had offered coins and candy to this demon god. These sacrifices were renounced and she was free from these demonic practices. Since we literally ran out of time with her, as she needed to catch her train, there were a few other things that needed to be addressed however this dear lady experienced some powerful liberation from a host of demons that tormented her for years!
  • A gentleman in his late 40’s was delivered from evil spirits that had brought arthritis, doubt, and pain into his life. All three evil spirits were expelled and immediately he exclaimed, “I feel no pain whatsoever, praise God.” The demons had boasted that had broken his heart but his broken heart was healed by the Lord Jesus and we were pleased to see this dear brother experience this victory over the powers of the devil that held him captive for so long!
  • A dear lady, originally from Poland, who I had discerned had a spirit of heaviness, hovering around her, was released from this spiritual oppressive spirit after an intense prayer in conjunction with her husband. She testified feeling the overcoming power of God coming over her and freeing her. I could see such spiritual brightness come off her that I had not seen before on her face. The light of Jesus had made things better!

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