In Islamic Pakistan: Over 100 Souls Won to Christ in 1st Meeting!

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus,

I have arrived safely in Lahore, Pakistan, after traveling over a course of two days, stopping briefly over in the small Middle Eastern nation of Doha, Qatar, where I presented gospel materials. From Doha I traveled onward to Lahore. I was warned by many not to come to Pakistan for it was too dangerous to visit at this time. Even now as I type this message I hear the chilling and stirring Islamic call for prayers that is heard throughout this Islamic city of nearly ten million. Their cries for prayers remind me to pray for their precious souls to experience the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ. If you have heard these calls for prayers you know what I speak of –the loud cries offered up to Allah– are spiritually charged with dark powers. One’s spirit man is deeply grieved. This is why God sent me to this Islamic land to bring the message of the cross of Jesus Christ so that precious Muslims can experience true peace with the living God!

As soon as I arrived to Lahore I was greeted by my host pastor Rizwan Fazal and his beautiful family. We quickly left the airport and checked into my room. I could not sleep and have not been able to sleep for days. On the very day I arrived I held a number of private meetings with various pastors that will be aligned with the Church of the Cross (numbering about twenty churches across this region, they will be joined with us in the mission to bring the gospel to Islamic Pakistan).

Later in the evening we held a powerful open air meeting in the Green Down area of Lahore and the streets were filled with souls hungering for the good news of Jesus. The atmosphere was electric and filled with anticipation and our Lord did not disappoint! I stepped on the platform around 10pm and through the night I preached the gospel, prayed for the sick, broke curses, and cast out evil spirits in the name of Jesus. Over 100 souls in this very first meeting received Jesus Christ as even before I called people to repentance the precious Pakistani people were already raising their hands indicating they were ready to call upon Jesus to be saved! Amen! This is truly exciting just writing this…I am here in this land to bring the gospel and the good news has gone forth. On balconies, in homes, in street shops, on the outlying streets people were listening on as I proclaimed the gospel. We set up massive loud speakers and here we were in the late hours of the night sharing the Lordship and victorious position of King Jesus!

Then during the time for healing and deliverance prayers the precious people RUSHED to the platform to receive a healing from Jesus. There were mothers and fathers placing their sick and afflicted children on the platform to be healed. They were that desperate! While I was praying for one, a dear mother and father would shout and plead with me to pray for their sick little one. It was touching! My heart went out to the precious people. Many were healed of various afflictions…one lady who came to the meeting with the assistance of others was dramatically healed of her infirmity instantly, she testified on stage that as soon as she heard the prayers of healing being offered to God, she was supernaturally touched by our loving God and was able to walk unassisted to the stage to testify of her miracle…another lady for years had been experiencing serious joint pain was healed in Jesus name…those with various sicknesses and pains were healed…many were freed from demon powers on this night also. By midnight I was drenched with sweat and still praying for the masses. Even when I left people stayed on in the area for fellowship. To God be praised–Jesus was proclaimed in power in this Islamic land!

The sights and sounds of Lahore are rich and varied –seeing on the side of the road the little monkey with a little cap on his head riding on a goat, going through the late night military checkpoints, hearing the eerie sounds of the Islamic calls for prayer, the shouts onto Jesus during our crusade meeting– these make traveling for Jesus so enriching! However, the spiritual forces of evil have kept me on guard, ever so watchful. It was strongly suggested that I leave the place I obtained a room at and stay with the pastor’s family, which I have done. There are times God tells you to move, we need to move!

I appreciate your very kind emails and prayers. There is a dear brother –he knows who he is– who provided some emergency assistance (and much needed prayers) while here in Lahore and I want to thank him again. Your love for the gospel is evident and allows for the gospel to go forth in difficult regions of the world thus saving precious souls for all eternity! Many hundreds, all over the globe, receive these email updates, and I am very happy to hear from many of you. Your holy prayers are sustaining me and my precious family in Dallas.

I have more open air meetings planned for tonight, Saturday, and two on Sunday before heading on to Hong Kong and mainland China! We are believing more souls to receive he gift of eternal life in Jesus Christ! These meetings are being held in different areas of Lahore.

I do have one special prayer request –for sound sleep– I have slept, perhaps, 5 hours total since Tuesday. I slept last night outside, the heat is quite intense and power goes on and off throughout the day. I went to bed at 2am and was up at 4am as the Muslim Imans were calling for prayer on loudspeakers throughout Lahore which obviously stirred my spirit and caused me to pray! Appreciate your intercessions.

We are also devloping an evangelistic plan that will certaintely have an impact in the Muslim/Arab world as we are planning on massive gospel meetings to draw 40,000 to 50,000 a night. The pastors and churches are prepared and are pleading with me to conduct these gospel meetings to impact the Muslim world for Christ and for future generations to be free!

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