In South Florida where a man was delivered from 12 years of torment in Jesus name!

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus,

I am deeply concerned.

For more then twenty three years I have been serving King Jesus in proclaiming the gospel, driving out demons, and healing the sick. As a result of this ministry I have come in contact with many thousands who have sought deliverance from demons. For many they have sought spiritual assistance from the church and the church has turned them away (in many cases not even offering a word of prayer) so thousands suffered silently as Satan systematically destroy their lives without anyone intervening. I often encounter demons that tell me I am the first believer to deal with them after MANY generations in the family blood line. This MUST change. This is a spiritual crime to allow masses of people to suffer without spiritual intervention. We are determined to change this course of action in the power of Jesus!

Globally, through evangelistic meetings (some organized, some impromptu), through media exposure (international television opportunities, radio broadcast, books), through our deliverance meetings (public and private), through the starting of new churches (the church in Guatemala, for example, is now holding monthly deliverance services to set free those tormented by demons), we are determined to change the quality of living of those terribly afflicted, to rescue souls and stop the demonic invasion!

While in Florida I met up with a 37 year old man who had to fly into the States from the Cayman Islands so he can find relief from the demonic torment he had been enduring through for 12 years. He had reached out to churches and nobody was willing to take the time to pray with him. Though I had just finished a 2 week mission to the Middle East & Asia and could have easily bypassed this trip to Florida but I heard this man’s inner cries and was determined to see him free! God blessed our meeting and he is now free in Christ!

For several hours, we battled many demons including those that had been visiting him in his bedroom to terrorize him on a daily basis –we encountered the ones that appeared to him as fire, a dragon, a black cloaked figure, a predator creature, a phantom, and many other strange beings that were appearing in such forms to frighten him with the hopes of placing him in deep bondage. Their tactics worked but our loving God intervened into his life and for the first time in 12 years all of these demonic attacks will cease as these disgusting evil beings were cast out in Jesus name! He was amazed yet so happy to be finally liberated. He agreed to share his testimony on video and will be sharing his testimony and the many testimonies from those in Pakistan in the coming days!

Thank you dear friends of Jesus for interceding for me. This has been an incredibly fruitful trip unto the Lord Jesus!

I was just thinking how God has truly been gracious to me, He is allowing me to do the things my heart desires which is to follow Him as seen in Mark 1:38-39:

Jesus replied, “Let us go somewhere else—to the nearby villages—so I can preach there also. That is why I have come.” So he traveled throughout Galilee, preaching in their synagogues and driving out demons.”

The mission of Jesus is so very simple that many simply miss it. He traveled, preaching, and driving out demons!

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