Generational Spirit of Schizophrenia Driven Out in Jesus Name!

God has provided victory! For many hours we encountered many different kinds of demons including schizophrenia, self seduction, anger, lust, inferiority, rejection and a host of others. After taking part of Holy Communion, the first spirit manifested within a young woman. He growled within the woman and stood against us.

“Why did you enter this woman’s life,” I inquired of the demon.

“We are here as result of her ancestor’s sin of idolatry and of her ancestor’s sin of having sex with us,” the spirit of schizophrenia revealed.

(note: this is a worldwide problem: human beings being seduced to have sexual relations with evil spirits. This is a common problem we have faced, in many hundreds, over the years)

We discovered there were eight of them working together (along with others) and after this precious sister in Christ renounced this generational curse (that passed through the bloodline from her father) of idolatry and schizophrenia these demonic spirits were all cast out in Jesus name! Many others were also expelled and we were also able to identify some broken parts of her heart, who also surfaced and they were touched by the love of Jesus! We have discovered in more and more cases of demonization that we are also needing deal with with pieces of one’s heart (people are experiencing deep trauma and abuse thus the heart is being broken) to bring inner healing.

(note: I believe we are playing an integral role in the realm of the deliverance ministry, as we are not only setting the captives free but also healing the brokenhearted, as a result of the demonic damage done by the invading spirits)

We have seen the beautiful wonders of God in our midst and this precious sister’s face just glowed the freeing light of Jesus! Her face was literally lighter and joy was radiating from her!

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