In California: Can captives be rescued from the fierce?

Dear Friends of Jesus,

In the Word of God, in the Book of Isaiah, chapter 49, the question is raised:

“Can plunder be taken from warriors,
or captives be rescued from the fierce?

 But this is what the LORD says:

Yes, captives will be taken from warriors,
and plunder retrieved from the fierce;
I will contend with those who contend with you,
and your children I will save.”

The resounding answer is: YES!  Captives can be retrieved from the “fierce.” The fierce are demons. In fact, my friends, the fierce can be removed, driven out, cast out, expelled, by the ultimate power that is found in JESUS! This is has occurred here in Southern California where Gene and I rescued the captives from the fierce, from the devil in Jesus name! Thus far in this mission we have seen incredible miracles of healing and liberation.

Here in San Diego we have driven out many satanic spirits. In one meeting Gene and I ministered to a family that had been enduring through horrible attacks from the enemy. Within moments of partaking of Holy Communion Anna manifested spirits that were afflicting her body with extreme pain. We confronted the pain and a spirit named Jezebel surfaced. She spoke to me and Gene and fully manifested. Jezebel is a sneaky spirit often times blending together with the human consciousness in order to make the victim feel that she is a genuine part of her. She’s not, she’s a demon and must be driven out. As often times with Jezebel she relished the opportunity to confront the men of God (in the Old Testament Jezebel put the prophets of God to death, a total disregard to the holy things of God) and this spirit battled….but lost! As the Book of Isaiah reminds us, “I will contend with those who contend with you…” Jezebel is no match to the Creator and she bowed before Jesus in this battle. Sure it was a battle but Jesus stepped in and told me “I will contend with those who contend with you.” Amen!

Jezebel had entered in Anna many years prior and brought manipulation, witchcraft, seduction and control. Anna grew accustomed to these satanic attributes and such utilized them to her benefit at times in her life which only furthered her hold on her. Anna really had to fight this Jezebel spirit but did. Gene and I encouraged her and her family to keep up the fight. More evil demons began to surface including a number of mind controlling spirits.

These kinds of spirits are often found where there is occult activity, witchcraft, Illuminati activity, voodoo, and Satanism. Since Anna’s grandmother was heavily involved in spell casting and other satanic activities back in Anna’s homeland of Puerto Rico this had brought a generational witchcraft curse into the bloodline. Even Anna’s own mother was involved and sexually abused her daughter and placed numerous curses upon her as a child in an attempt to destroy her life –her relationships, her job security, her health and so much more. Anna’s mother, early on collected her daughter’s hair, pictures, clothing and other personal items to be utilized in occult ceremonies so that the spirits can travel to Anna, to afflict great harm and to bind her mind, to control her mind for their sadistic purposes.

I’m sure your heart mourns hearing of this. Gene and I were saddened to hear that a mother would even do such evil. These things are quite real and do occur in our day in every nation on earth —that is why the ministry of deliverance is desperately needed in our day!

Along with these mind control spirits were actual objects in her body that these mind controlling spirits were holding onto to afflict her with control, pain and torment. These objects (and control mechanisms) were removed by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ (Anna could feel the objects being removed and reported feeling no more pain).

Gene and I also battled spirits of Absalom, confusion, insecurity, rejection, loneliness and many, many others. These along with Jezebel and mind control were cast out of Anna in Jesus name! They were forced to the pit and immediately Anna reported total healing from all of the pain she has suffered through and liberation from the unholy spirits that had done so much damage to her. She was so relieved and praised God for this modern day miracle!

Amazing stories and a amazing God we have my brothers and sisters in Jesus! All praise to God!

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