Guatemala: 6 Souls Delivered in One Service!

My Fellow Soldiers for the Cross,

I just received a POWERFUL and AWESOME report from the Church of the Cross in Guatemala City, Guatemala, from evangelist Adolfo Fong Luna who with his precious wife oversee the church we planted there back in February. The Holy Spirit is truly moving deeply in the hearts of many there and I rejoice in God’s sweet move among the the beautiful people. They have literally run out of room of the facilities they are currently in. It is common to have a standing room only crowd at their three services. To think that we started with less then an half dozen to now overflow crowds is amazing indeed! God’s glory rests upon this place!

We need to pray for God to provide the means to either build a church there in Guatemala City or relocate to another larger facilities. I can easily envision this church grow to many hundreds in the months to come which is phenomenal growth to think of it. All glory to God who’s Holy Spirit is converting precious souls to new life in Christ!

I dare to say you would be hard pressed to find many churches, in any Western nation, where on Sunday morning, they are casting out demons in public –this is occurring weekly at the Church of the Cross Guatemala City. Moreover Adolfo has reported six were liberated from evil spirits this past Sunday and one precious soul was saved by the Lord Jesus!

Please pray as we need to help Adolfo and his wife in furthering the work in this small Latin American nation that is truly doing the works of the kingdom. We should support those who are preaching the gospel, healing the sick, and driving out demons! If you are reading this and God is prompting you to GIVE then please do so! Obviously we are doing our part, along with the core partners who commit to this ministry, so I’m speaking to my other brothers and sisters, do your part for Jesus!

Here’s his report:

Dear Brother Jay:


We truly missed you Sunday, (Jay’s  hope to see you again, the Holy Spirit is doing a superb job here at the Church of the Cross in Guatemala City).  Sunday one person accepted the gift of salvation and six were liberated as demons are being cast out in the name of Jesus, here are the names of this precious souls.


1. Tomas Gomez Lopez  – accepted Jesus

2. Gregorio Acisclo Chun García – liberated

3. Pedro Perez – liberation

4. Walter Castillo – liberation

5. Miguel Vargas – liberation

6. Daniel Conde – liberation

7. Mario Arredondo – liberation


We need supernatural power to defeat Satan, and God has provided this by giving us the Holy Spirit, the lord says “on this rock I will build my church” and the gates of hell will not overcome it.  Oh there is victory in Jesus, I also perform the wedding, the newlyweds are Alber Adonay Gonzales Bardales and cindy Vanessa Oliva Orellana.  Praise Jesus I did it in Jesus´ mighty name.”

Adolfo: you are among many hundreds of friends here and we are rejoicing with you. To think that in February I traveled to Guatemala not knowing a soul but simply obeying the call of God and God intersected our lives (sounds like what happened at the beginning of the year when God miraculously intersected me with another dear brother and sister in Asia who are now close partners). I recall the day well. I was preaching on the streets in the open air with my inadequate Spanish (and here my own wife is Spanish go figure) and God told me he would bring an evangelist to help me (God was specific that it would not be a pastor but a evangelist –that was a month so earlier–amazing). Then out of the blue, Adolfo introduces himself to me and that Sunday I strongly felt a church needed to planted and the rest is God’s history and work unfolding as seen the fruit being borne. This work will impact many generations to come in Guatemala. Amen!

Now, if we can get other churches throughout the world to proclaim the gospel and drive out demons the world would be a much better place as the forces of evil are being driven back and souls FREED

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