Casting Demons Out, in a Hasidic Community, in Brooklyn, New York!

My brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ,

We are currently in a very conservative Hasidic Jewish area of New York City where we battling powerful demonic forces in the name of Jesus. There were a number of meetings we would have loved to conducted (many more are waiting for ministry) however in our one meeting today we spent nearly 12 hours ministering. 

Gene and I just finished an exorcism where we dealt with a former “drug lord” and member of the “Bloods” street gang. Alan a 24 year old Korean had a miserable childhood filled with sadistic beatings from his own father, including being tortured. His father often resorted to using a metal rod in one hand while holding a Bible in the other. Obviously this brought a tremendous amount of anger, rage, and deep pain in his heart. Within a short time period he resorted to drugs which eventually led him to becoming a drug supplier and a member of a vicious street gang in New York City. 

Sadly that was just the beginning…Alan descended deeper into the darkness…attending closed door Knights Templar meetings, Eastern Mediation sessions, Shamanistic secret gatherings and black magick ceremonies. Obviously this opened numerous doors to the demonic and was eventually invaded by hundreds of thousands of evil demons that we dealt with in the past 12 hours. 

Unfortunately, Alan has been unable to find a church that would be willing to meet him to drive out the demons that had been tormenting him for years! This is seriously troubling as we are in one of the largest cities in the globe and there are so few ministries operating in the city assisting with those whom are demonized. This isn’t a surprise as I have been traveling to NYC for some time now hearing the same story from many others afflicted by dark spiritual forces. All of these people are saying the same thing –New York has become a spiritually deadly place filled with zombies. This should not catch us off guard. Recently New York agreed to legally “marry” homosexuals. This sin along with the sin of abortion have opened some significant doorways to the demonic realm which has led to this zombied state that NYC finds itself in. 

I’m from New York and have seen the transformation occur before my eyes. Mind you, I was criminally charged for proclaiming the gospel just a month or so ago here. There is a strong opposition to the gospel here but we must press forth to bring the message of life in Jesus to the city.

Warriors of Orion, Wicked Spirits of Cathra, and Warring Spirits of Cthulhu All Confessed Jesus is Lord!

The first group spirits that surfaced were a group of spirits that referred to themselves as “Cathra” demons. The reason for entry? His ancestors generational participation in astrology and Buddhism. 

“There’s 346 of us,” the demons boasted as if their number would have deterred from confronting them.  

Is there any other rights that you hold unto I commanded the spirits to reveal.

“Yes! He was sodomized.”

As soon as Alan renounced these spiritual rights of Buddhism, Astrology, and Sodomy, the spirits were driven out in Jesus name!

Cthulhu was the next demonic force to manifest before our eyes. He had been sent to Alan by a Hindu New Age guru  that was able to contact him as a result of Alan’s involvement in the Eastern Mysticism. Even an astral travelling New Age guru, serving as a human interject, who spoke to Gene and I with the aid of demon powers, quickly scattered when I brought out the Holy Communion set! There were hundreds of thousands of these Cthulhu spirits that were attached to him that brought an incredible amount of pains into his body (when these demons were expelled ALL of the pains disappeared also). 

At the conclusion of the meeting we confronted a strongman demonic force that went by the name of “Commander Bellatrix.” He was an Illuminati demonic entity that had revealed Alan was on the “target” list of various secret societies due his spiritual sensitivities and demonic powers. Alan even confirmed that for some time he been followed around and even approached by strangers who sought his involvement in various occult groups (note: we are seeing more and more of this in recent years from around the globe where the powers of the anti-Christ have inserted mind controlling mechanisms in individuals with the design to use them as pawns in the last days against the Body of Christ).

Commander Bellatrix also confided that he had been enslaving 5 broken pieces of his heart. They were released and a few of the parts emerged and readily confessed they were ready to join the core to bring healing to his heart (note: we are also seeing in nearly meeting hurting souls with dissociative problems along with the demonic elements. It would take me hours to compose the various stories we are experiencing in this realm alone).  

Gene and I were blessed to be part of a modern day miraculous cure of dissociation (we are seeing a lot of this too) as we drove out the demons holding the parts and merge together the broken part of his heart as a result of all of the abuse and torture he endured as a child. Not only did God heal his heart but all of the demons were cast out including that spirit named, Commander Bellatrix.

The miraculous signs and wonders we experienced today was astounding and all praise to King Jesus who rescued our brother Alan. He was so dramatically healed and liberated that he agreed to share his story of being healed of dissociation on video which I will share in the coming days. Amazing and powerful testimony that will surely touch many hearts to the goodness of God! This is a man who had no idea he had parts and within a couple sessions today was completely restored by the power of Jesus (note: many cases of dissociation take a longer process, for example some family members it has taken a long time to bring healing but irregardless, Jesus heals)!

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