Stirring Deliverance Sessions in New York City

I would have LOVED to have you witness the intense supernaturally stirring deliverance sessions we were involved in yesterday while in NYC. A precious family traveled from Boston to meet Gene and I for ministry. This single mom of 2 kids made the necessary sacrifices and traveled a long distance, with 2 kids (one 3 year old boy and one teenager). They met us in Chinatown and God honored her faith with a most POWERFUL deliverance from demonic spirits.

Sandy had spent years searching for help but the church was not present to intervene so she turned to the occult, witchcraft, physics, participating in pagan ceremonies such as lighting magic candles, visiting voodoo witch-doctors, Native American Indian Healers, delving into Egyptian witchcraft and so much more and yet found more bondage. Her life was literally spinning out of control and that is when the Holy Spirit directed her to me. We offered to help her and her young kids who also needed deliverance as even the little 3 year old would at times manifest eerie demonic behavior such as slithering around like a serpent,speaking blasphemy, and all kids of profanity –this from a 3 year old! Something was terribly wrong!

Also, a spirit of death had been following the little boy since he was in her mother’s womb. This death spirit had tripped Sandy when she was 3 months, 6 months, and 9 months old pregnant with precious Jaden in an attempt to harm the baby…however God protected the baby and now little Jaden (with his 17 year brother and mother encouraging him) was telling the monsters (demons) that were surfacing within his mother to leave in Jesus name! He was casting demons out at age 3. God really has something special in store for him. Amazing what little children will do for Jesus if just simply encouraged! Jaden was not even scared to tell the monsters to leave…he even went over to his mother, during this deliverance session, laid his little hand on her and prayed a simple heartfelt prayer to Jesus asking Him to help his mommy!

God answered that prayer!

Sandy agreed to be videotaped during the exorcism and we were able to capture some AMAZING video footage of various animal spirits surfacing speaking in demonic tongues and encounters with various kinds of generational African spirits. Gene and I battled more then 1000 evil spirits of Jezebel within her who boasted that they entered her ancestors to “destroy children” (Sandy had several abortions too) as a result of their participation in satanic blood sacrifices, rituals, and ceremonies that literally go back dozens of generations ago!

Many of these demons were also enslaving many thousands of broken pieces of her heart also that obviously great harm to her. These many demons were cast out and we were able to communicate with the parts and they were all healed in Jesus name!

Sandy’s face just supernaturally glowed like I have rarely seen before. Jesus truly set this woman free indeed!

We also discovered that there 4 evil spirits named Jezebel, Death, Failure, and Rejection within the boys also and they were all driven out in Jesus name! Her kids were so happy too!

Towards the end of the ministry sessions Sandy briefly saw something over my left side of my body –a holy powerful large sized SWORD! The SWORD of the Spirit truly protects me and was greatly encouraged by this vision!

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