Mission Australia, Mass Deliverance


 Mountain Village Pastor Delivered of Powerful Demons in a Public Exorcism Service, HOWLING as the Spirits Exited!

Emerald Village: Hunchback with Clawed Hands Healed & Delivered at Anglican Prayer Meeting

Many Elders, Pastors, and their Wives Freed from Demonization
Mass Deliverance at Anglican Church: Many Freed from Demon Powers in Jesus Name!

Pastor Reports: 1st Time Ever a Public Deliverance Service has been Conducted in the History of their Village!

Praying for the Sick, the Demonized, and Brokenhearted 12 to 16 Hours a Day

More then 12 Children Healed and Delivered from Demons in Australia

Dozens of Soon to be Exorcists Trained in Melbourne, Sydney, Australia

Cancer Defeated in Jesus Name: 4 People with Cancer Healed

Confronted 32,000 Evil Spirits in a Lady with the Overcoming Power of the Cross

Threatened to be Strangled by Murderous Spirit, Jesus Sustains!

More then 50 Public and Private Meetings have been Conducted in Australia

Jezebel, Legion, Death, Murder, Cancer, Mute, and a Host of Satanic Spirits Cast Out!

Public Deliverance at Village Meeting Hall: Women Set Free from Witchcraft!

Many with Broken Hearts and Dissociative Identities Miraculously Healed by Jesus

Body of Christ Unified in Performing Exorcisms in Village Churches!

Those were simply a few highlights (trust me there are perhaps hundreds of various kinds of miracles that could be recounted in the many prayer sessions we have conducted) of the phenomenal miracles that have taken place in Australia these past few weeks. I am deeply encouraged and realize that the Body of Christ has to arise and meet the daunting challenges that lie before us! There is a couple observations I have made that I would like to share — first of all, the amount of believers who are demonized is astounding. This tells me that the church has not for some time now provided a means for people to be healed and delivered, thus we have masses of believers who are horribly tormented by satanic powers. Secondly, I see that the church is ill equipped to directly intervene with the demonized masses. Even one Anglican pastor shared with me that his prayer intercessors were “overwhelmed” with the sheer amount of people manifesting demons in the public meeting! 

The solution to these problems are clear: we must train, we must equip the BODY, to conduct deliverance ministry with those vexed by unclean spirits. There is an enormous need to educate the church on the necessity of bringing healing to broken hearts. I think the best means to train and expose the BODY is through the public deliverance meetings. A handful of churches have already approached me about conducting public training seminars and deliverance meetings on my next journey back to Australia! I look forward to this as we must counter the mass demonic invasion within the church of demon powers. We must push them back and free precious souls with the conquering power of Jesus!

I’m currently in a small village in the Blue Mountains here in Australia and have just completed another small group meeting where 6 people were delivered from demonic affliction including a young Indonesian lady who manifested an Islamic spirit that spoke in Arabic (mind you she doesn’t speak Arabic but her parents recognized the language). The reason for the entry? At age 16, with her parents, she visited the largest Mosque in the Southern Hemisphere and as a result of entering the Mosque she was quickly invaded by these very powerful Islamic spirits that chocked her, in attempt to kill her. For a long time we battled the demons, commanding them to go in Jesus name. God prevailed and the spirits were forced out and this precious believer was released from terrible demonic torment. Moreover, she was healed of a broken heart! It was quite bizarre to see a distinctly black squid like substance exit her body upon the expulsion of the evil spirits. 

I could literally recount numerous stories like this. This has been an extremely busy time and we have literally seen many freed from demonic spirits. The work continues on –I am here in the Blue Mountain region and a dear brother of mine is back in Melbourne reporting that more deliverances are being conducted there to free the tormented! We are even getting reports that those who are just getting introduced to the deliverance ministry are now casting demons out of others in Jesus name! The fires of the Holy Spirit are at work in some significant ways! The fires will continue to burn. Amen!

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