70 Dementia Demons Expelled in Hosuton!

Houston and Bellmead Mission

70 Dementia Demons Expelled from Houston Believer

Vicious Spirits Cut Arm of their Victim During Meeting, Jesus Prevails

Holy Communion Stirs Up and Defeats Demons

Blood Thirsty Spirit as a Result of Satanic Ritualism Driven Out

Expelled Demons of Incest, Death, Slave Rape, Trauma of the Nerves, Theron, Mopar, and Legion

Several Healed of Serious Infirmities and Diseases

Public Deliverance Service: Former Satanist Delivered from Evil Spirits

Satanic Cult Dispatches an Infiltrator to Church Service

Dozens of Dissociative Identities Healed by the Power of Jesus

Houston Meeting: Saint Responds to the Call of God for the Mission Field

Souls Arrive to Meeting from All Over North America for Exorcism

One Meeting: 30% with Illuminati Spiritual Roots

Jesus Overcomes Violent Demons

Every seat was taken, people were sitting on the floor, and James and I were forced to stand during the entire 5 hour public Church of the Holy Cross meeting we conducted this past weekend. We literally had precious brothers and sisters travel in from all over North America to attend the deliverance service. A group of ladies drove more then 20 hours, another saint drove more 20 hours, one brother in Christ drove more then 9 hours, then yet another more then 6 hours. This tells me that there is a definite desperation for deliverance as the Church has failed, for the most part, in affording bound people the opportunity to receive liberation from demonic spirits in Jesus name. Thus people are taking drastic measures such as traveling more then 20 hours to receive help. Moreover, there were a handful of individuals in the private and public meetings we held that were experiencing dissociation along with the demonic elements within their life.

After partaking of the Holy Communion and offering a brief teaching from the Scriptures we began to minister to the captives. Almost immediately demons were surfacing within three ladies (two from New York and another from Texas) with a background in the occult. The one lady manifested violent spirits and literally ripped up a Bible and had us restraining her for concern that others would be harmed during the aggressive behavior of the spirits. There were several times the spirits groaned and slammed her head with her closed fists as she entered these demonic trances.

“Why did you enter this woman in Jesus name,” I commanded the violent spirits to tell me.

“We are here because of the blood letting rituals her ancestors participated in,” the demons revealed, speaking out of her mouth.

Upon the renunciation of the satanic curses these vile spirits were driven out in the name of Jesus!

Several more times during the evening demons would surface within the woman and they were all driven out of her.

At one point while praying over an actual object that had been inserted within her scalp, another lady, with Luciferian roots, in the group started manifesting spirits. This dear lady from Brooklyn, New York shared with everyone that she too had 2 objects within her body that were causing torment (this is becoming a more common problem that we are seeing among those with backgrounds in sorcery and spiritualism). Furthermore, one lady was even experiencing demonic cuts on her arm. You could literally see the demons within her body cut her to where her skin was breaking and blood was seeping.

Many other evil spirits were expelled and many in the group experienced a measure of deliverance as I led the group in mass deliverance prayers –breaking generational curses, cutting off soul ties, repenting of various sins, and renouncing the occult.

Satanic Cult Dispatches an Infiltrator to Church Service

It was odd, yes, but not totally shocking, as over the years we have had our share of people come to our services and meetings who were not there for ministry or to support those in need of assistance. Rather, they were there to disrupt, to oppress, to hinder, to act as satanic watchers. Throughout Scripture we see evil people conspiring. Conspiracies do exist, so says Sacred Writ.

Psalm 83:2-3 speaks of this, “See how your enemies growl, how your foes rear their heads. With cunning they conspire against your people; they plot against those you cherish.”

In many Western countries this sounds strange, to our minds, but not so in many regions of the world where many disciples are being systematically persecuted as evil people conspire against the church seeking her destruction.

Psalm 56:1-6 describes this, “Be merciful to me, my God, for my enemies are in hot pursuit; all day long they press their attack. My adversaries pursue me all day long; in their pride many are attacking me. When I am afraid, I put my trust in you. In God, whose word I praise— in God I trust and am not afraid. What can mere mortals do to me? All day long they twist my words; all their schemes are for my ruin. They conspire, they lurk, they watch my steps, hoping to take my life.”

Jesus tells us to be on guard for evil people as do in fact lurk. Our enemies:

Are in hot pursuit, meaning they are relentless.
Seek to attack “all day.”
Seek to “twist” our words, they will slander, lie, and seek to falsely accuse.
Conspire, lurk, and harass.
Seek to kill and destroy.

So, I was not surprised when we discovered a satanic plant within our group meeting. Most of us could readily identify him. Since we were small in number it wasn’t difficult however it was troubling as we didn’t know who sent him or specifically why? Though we did find out more details as the night went on.

His eyes were vacant, he was mechanical in his responses, never spoke the name of “Jesus,” during any of our mass prayers I was leading everyone. It was really amazing to see 8 precious saints who largely did not know each other say the exact same things after the meeting about him –“he was plant,” “he was sent here to observe,” “he is merely a pawn for the devil to disrupt.”

Upon the conclusion of the meeting I approached him and inquired about his interest in the meeting –he avoided any direct questions by simply resorting to a line that he was merely visiting. Furthermore, he mentioned he would be leaving town to head back home after the service. This proved to be a lie as he was seen entering a room in the hotel that was below mine by those attending the meeting.

For more then 20 years I have been followed by various satanic groups who have sought to murder me. They are watching my activities and ministry I am involved in. I often wonder….don’t these people have anything better to do then follow a minister around? Don’t these people have families? Hobbies? Jobs?

Then I remind myself these people are simply driven by demons and as such they are simply pawns for Satan and those cult groups that seek to align themselves to the forces of the Anti-Christ.

Then the exorcism revealed more…

Afterwards, pastor James and I conducted a long exorcism on a 52 year old woman from outside Buffalo, New York and her friend who was from North Carolina until 4am. During the deliverance session a spirit of death surfaced and during our interrogation of the demons they revealed that he (our visitor to the service whom everyone knew was not of God) was indeed a infiltrator that was sent to observe and report. The reporting is what concerned me. Who was he reporting to? Why? The demon did reveal it was a satanic group but no other details were available except that this particular spirit did draw strength from the demons within him that included –darkness, cunning, mysterious, and pawn.

That demon of death though was driven out along with spirits of fear, abandonment, anger, doubt, self esteem, darkness, insecurity, and a few others. Some of the spirits were holding onto several parts of her broken heart also. These precious parts were released –a 44 year old part, a 2 year old, and a 3 year old. They were miraculously healed and merged into the core and tremendous healing immediately took place. Her face simply shined the joy of Jesus!

Rattlesnake, Jehovah Witnesses, Lion, Lithian, and Python Defeated by Jesus!

In one of our private meetings we also meet up with a few saints who had traveled a great distance for deliverance. Within seconds of partaking of the Holy Communion, an evil spirit surfaced disgusted and weakened by the partaking of the cup –the blood of Jesus– and voiced his disgust.

We discovered that this particular spirit was holding onto a number of broken parts of her heart –a 3 year old, a 19 year old, and 20 year old, and one with a distorted face (who was healed completely after commanding prayers)–the monster was forced to release the parts and the parts surfaced for the very first time! They were all healed and rejoined to the core as they were ready to do so! Demons named, Python, Lion, Lithian, Rattlesnake, and some others were driven out in Jesus name.

Interestingly, a spirit named Jehovah Witnesses was present as a result of her reading two sentences in one of their magazines. This spiritual curiosity led to her demonic invasion. The Jehovah Witnesses are a global group that denies the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ and as such leads millions into deep doctrinal error and demonic bondage. They embrace and teach “doctrines of demons.” This cult spirit was cast out in Jesus name!

The Body of Christ Encouraged!

It has been a burden of mine to wake up the church to the need of public deliverance as I know billions in our world need liberation from demonic spirits thus the need for public deliverance service. Though, I slept very little, ate very little, and was constantly ministering, I was encouraged to know we are doing our part to reach souls for the love of Jesus. Moreover, our very small meetings afford an opportunity for those with heavy hearts to share their testimonies and a few shared with the group the sustaining power of Jesus to keep them despite great odds. One lady from the Northeast shared she had been literally running from an Illuminati type group that has been harassing her for more then 7 years –from breaking into her house in Queens, NY to being sexually assaulted at night by sadistic cult members, to receiving many death threats, being drugged, and having to spend thousands of dollars to hire private investigators to assist her in finding out who these individuals were that were stalking her. Another saint shared of his dealings with a sadistic group named, the Sons of Satan, that broke into his home while as a graduate student in Austin, Texas. Furthermore, another lady shared her story of surviving 18 years of hauntings in her home and 18 years of voodoo curses being sent to her.

In each case, the believers testified of God’s grace, power, and mercy in their lives preserving them. There was a certain level of spiritual release and healing that took place as a result of these dear people sharing their pain, struggles, and battles.

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