Call from Houston after Visit with Doctor: No Trace of Cancer!

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus the King,

As many of you might recall I was in Houston, Texas, several days ago, praying for the sick and those afflicted with demons. One dear lady, in her 60’s, we prayed for was accompanied with her husband who requested, “Pray for my wife that she might be healed of the cancer she has, as she desires to serve Jesus.” We invited both of them to partake of the Holy Communion –the body and blood of our Lord– as she did she immediately felt the sensations of the Holy Spirit fire move in. Moreover we commanded all diseases, infirmities, spirits and afflictions to go in the name of Jesus. Pastor James Beason who accompanied me on this mission laid hands upon her back and immediately fire from heaven fell down upon her and we vigorously commanded her body to be healed in Jesus name. Well, guess what? She was healed by the Savior. She went to the doctors and they found no trace of cancer within her body! She immediately called me and gave me the good report –you should have heard her voice–it was filled with indescribable joy! Rightfully so as Jesus had healed her!

In 2011 I have seen many various people from around the world healed of various pains, infirmities, afflictions, and diseases including many with various kinds of cancers. Jesus desires to heal! However, it is critically important that the Body of Christ moves from petition to forceful command when dealing with demons and diseases.

When Jesus ministered to a woman with a “fever,” it is recorded in Luke 4:39, “So he bent over her and rebuked the fever, and it left her. She got up at once and began to wait on them.”

Jesus did not petition the Father in regards to her healing…He commanded it to go and “it left her.”

We have the authority and power invested in the Lord Jesus to drive out demons and diseases. How do we utilize this power and authority? It’s so simple that people miss it. The answer is: we use it!

That’s what we did…we commanded her body to healed and it was healed in Jesus name! Sure, not everyone we pray with is healed (sometimes it’s unbelief, unresolved sin, etc that hinders a healing) but many are and Jesus is honored!

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