Battles in Bellmead, Jesus Wins!

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ,

We were up until 1am this morning battling the spiritual armies of Satan in the Name of Jesus here in Bellmead!

Last night pastor James Beason and I battled thousands of demons in a 26 year old man terribly afflicted by evil. Thousands of these vile spiritual beings –Mexican Witchcraft spirits, sodomy spirits , mind control spirits– were forced out in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and this young man has testified of feeling relieved for the first time in a very long time. He has experienced some tremendous healing and we will continue to minister to him. The Body of Christ must wake up to the dire spiritual needs around us for multitudes around us are suffering from demonic attacks.

He is a victim of satanic ceremonial trauma and constantly being stalked by a sadistic cult that desires to capture him for their hellish purposes. He has been sodomized, brainwashed, and tortured by the members of this occult sect. His entire family has been a target in many ways and is terribly demonized. They are fearful. What is sad is that this entire family has been a church going family for years and yet nobody within the church they attend has offered any kind of assistance. Years have gone by and the church has yet to offer the ministry of deliverance to those held captive, so this family has languished in silence –enslaved, tormented, abused– by satanic forces. One night thousands of years ago, while having dinner at Matthew’s house, Jesus, again, clearly revealed His purposes, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick,” our Savior came for the sick, He is our doctor. Many are sick with demons. He is able to heal the wounds, to drive out the destroyers and tormentors and rescue, however, He needs to be declared as such or blinded people will not be able to see and experience his healing touch!

Earlier in the day, these demonic spirits had driven Lonnie up on top of the roof of his parents home with the hopes that he would jump off –thereby killing him! For days he has been awake with very little sleep and rest as the demons torment his mind and body for hours on end. The other day the demons drove Lonnie to get a knife from the kitchen and threaten his very own father with it. Fortunately, his father is a believer in Christ and understands that these were demons in control of his son and understands our battle is not against “flesh and blood.” Jesus is conquering and we are seeing His might!

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