Masquerading Demonic Spirits Sent to the PIT!

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

With great joy I write this email as I KNOW Jesus Christ is risen and in Lord over all. He is indeed King!

Last night while in Bellmead I spent more then 12 hours ministering to those afflicted with evil spirits, infirmities and afflictions of all sorts. The first ministry session was brief but a young man was delivered from many “masquerading spirits” whom confessed that they had placed a “cap” on his skull to keep him from understanding spiritual truths that would lead him into greater freedom and gave them a greater capacity to masquerade as angels of light. For with that “cap” they were able to control his mind to a certain degree which no doubt brought heaviness. In the authority of Jesus Christ we removed the “cap” and sent these spirits to the pit –immediately the young man confessed he was able to think clearer which no doubt will lead him to a greater understanding of God’s Word thereby giving him victory in his personal life. I have personally been delivered of such spirits as a result of having more then 300 + years of demonic activity rooted on my father’s side of the family as a direct result of their participation in secret societies (interestingly enough on my mother’s side is the Jewish ancestry and the sensitivity to true spirituality. Side note–it was my mother that led me to Jesus).

This is a demonic phenomena that is quite common…where demonic spirits have placed various demonic elements (i.e. sickness, blindness, heaviness, etc) on the lives of precious people. The prophet Isaiah spoke of a  “spirit of heaviness,” the apostle Paul wrote of “the spirit of slumber,” whereby the “eyes” could not see, and “ears” that could not hear. These kinds of spirits are rampant within the Body of Christ in our day. So many are being terribly afflicted and need to be freed from these spiritual chains. Again only Jesus is able to bring deliverance!

There were many battles and some persistent demons. While ministering to a 63 year old lady the spirits revealed themselves in an unusual manner–they actually drew pictures of themselves while on a brief break. I noticed the eerie drawings. One was of a elegant woman that had some Hindu qualities to it. Another picture was of a clownish face with a look of utter madness. Oh, but the eyes. The eyes reveal so much. Did not Jesus tells us that the eyes are gateway to the soul? The eyes in all of these drawings (they numbered about 4 or 5) were devilish and dark. They exhibited madness and terror. That drawing of the Hindu woman with a flair of elegance was Jezebel and the dear lady confessed that indeed it was. James Beason and I did discover there was a Jezebel spirit that had been hidden in her life for more then 45 years. There were some generational Jezebel spirits rooted from her ancestors, on her mother’s side of her family. Like most Jezebel spirits she exhibited a certain look that one easily identifies with Jezebel. Having dealt with this spirit so often through the years you pick up the certain characteristics. The eyes. The smirk. The flair of false elegance. The arrogance, the defiance, but the eyes say it all. I have observed this from the United States to Europe to Australia, this spirit’s characteristics are the same. She is vile, deceptive, seducing, and defeated.

“I’m not leaving,” Jezebel defiantly informed us.

I had asked her husband to take authority and with great difficulty he did however there were issues of lack of faith and unbelief that Jezebel drew strength from. The husband for more then 30 years never really took spiritual authority over his family thus Jezebel moved in and did take up her false authority causing even greater havoc in the family.

“I like you,” Jezebel informed the lady’s husband. Why? Because the husband did not take up his God ordained authority and Jezebel was free to move around.

Please pray for this dear couple that their faith would increase. We have made some tremendous progress in some areas but the husband needs to be encouraged to utilize his authority. This is a major problem in many couples. They are not alone. May God strengthen husbands to love their wives and to lead their families.

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