Open Air Meeting in Port Antonio: Souls Won to Jesus, Demons Cast OUT!

This entire day –here in the West Indies– pastor James Beason and I have been on the road –responding to the call of God in preaching the gospel –for more then 8 hours traversing over one mountain after another preaching Jesus in various locations. In one open air meeting in Port Antonio, Jamaica, I preached to a jammed packed town square. I proclaimed the life, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus and called people to respond to the call of salvation. As I offered a prayer many were praying with me giving their lives to the Savior! They understand life is short (in the Third World most people understand how things are truly temporal, more so then many of us in the West) and nothing is assured so these precious souls were wise to turn to Jesus for eternal life!

While I was preaching, James was praying for the infirm and casting out demons. When the public meeting concluded a stream of people approached me for prayer and for deliverance. On this day many souls were saved, healed, and delivered! Moreover, a group of new believers are desirous of starting a church in Port Antonio. This evangelistic mission has been quite fruitful and would encourage everyone to utilize your short time here on earth to bringing people to Jesus, healing the sick, and driving out demons!

Interestingly, while driving back to Kingston, brother James was attacked by demons. The started to speak to him and threaten him, “F&*^$ you” they would tell him. He could actually hear them. They continued their attacks, “We said F&*^# you,” knowing full well this was an act of demonic intimidation –he rebuked the evil spirits and they departed. He also broke off any curses and spells that might have been sent to him from those opposed our ministry in Port Antonio. We must remain on guard, we have an enemy seeking to destroy.

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