Watchers DEFEATED by Jesus!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

It’s nearly 2am and I’m still up after some fruitful deliverance meetings here in Austin, Texas. James and I, just earlier tonight, expelled many thousands of evil spirits in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Some of the demonic spirits we encountered and cast out include:

More then 300 “watcher” spirits (that often sadistic cults utilize to stalk their victims) that were assigned to an individual to watch their daily activities.

More then 42 spirits that had brought “shingles” to a young lady. In fact, this precious lady looked like she had some strange flesh eating skin affliction that was literally eating up half of her face with these weird skin diseases. The spirit revealed himself as shingles and boasted that he was behind it all! After the demons were driven out she testified of feeling much better!

More then 140 demons named, “Liden,” that had entered the lady due a blood ritual that her mother participated in years ago. These spirits were known to cut into this dear lady’s body.

Thousands of spirits known as “High Priest” whom had entered through some ancestors from the 19th Century. These spirits threatened James great harm.

More then 50 spirits of rape who were sexually assaulting a number of the dissociative identities.

Nearly 60 evil spirits known as Death. They entered through her father who had forced his own daughter to participate in a gruesome blood ritual. This particular spirit was holding onto 6 dissociative identities. These parts of her heart were released and were integrated within the core!

Nearly a half dozen spirits named, “Trek,” who spoke in various demonic tongues and who even boasted how they had been following James and I even from our most recent journey into the West Indies. This doesn’t surprise me as demons are plotting in an attempt to hinder us from preaching the gospel. Obviously Satan has assigned us scouts who report back to him our ministry activities.

I’m here to report–Jesus conquered the powers of evil and He is LORD! Amazing healing took place including one 50 year old lady we ministered to who was near death. After expelling thousands of demons from her she immediately looked strong. She was rejoicing in her new-found liberation and healing. Many infirmities that had been enslaving her were driven out in Jesus name!

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