Lady Set Free from 3,000 Baal Spirits by the Power of Jesus

San Antonio and Houston Mission

Six Meetings in Four Cities: Mighty New Birth, Powerful Deliverance, Healing and Miracles!
Lady Set Free from 3,000 Baal Spirits by the Power of Jesus

God Sustains for Ministry Sessions Lasting Until 6am
Victim of Torture Healed of Dissociation
Spirits of Witchcraft, Sodomy, Occult, Idolatry, Pornography, and Thousands of Other Spirits Cast Out!
Generational Demonic Spirits of Human and Animal Sacrifice Defeated by the Crucifix
58 Year Old Man Saved by the Blood of Jesus
Satanic Curses of Homosexuality, Premature Death, Premature Birth, Heart Attacks Broken in Jesus Name!
30 Year Old Saint SEES Jesus During Public Meeting in San Antonio
IN HOUSTON: Victim of Voodoo Healed of Physical Afflictions

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Jesus,

It was well after 1am outside of Houston, Texas where pastor James Beason and I were waiting to begin another deliverance meeting (a precious saint is traveling more then 12 hours across North America to receive ministry–think about that for a moment). While waiting I decided to email an update to everyone of the incredible supernatural acts of the Holy Spirit we have witnessed and been fortunate to be a part of. (I am now safely back in Dallas finishing up this email update)

Thus far we have traveled to more then four different cities conducting more then 6 private and public meetings to pray for those whom are infirm and afflicted by evil spirits. Not only did we see many thousands of demonic spirits expelled from precious souls, precious souls healed from dissociation and other physical afflictions, we also witnessed other beautiful miracles such as a 30 year old man testifying of seeing Jesus in our ministry time with him (this is a miraculous event that many have been a part of through our years of ministry which is an astounding event in itself if you think of it)!

One dear lady who attended one of our meetings was accompanied with her 80 year old father. This precious sister shared with James and I, of her harrowing experience, as a young teenager, being sent to a “Christian” care facility, here in the US, for troubled young girls and being systematically tortured on a nearly daily basis for 6 months. It was reported that some of the girls even threw themselves out of the windows of the facility in an attempt to commit suicide to escape the near daily satanic abuse. This care facility was in a reality a demonic concentration camp to torture, imprison and program young minds. Please be mindful this kind of facility is not unique in that there are quite a few of these around the world where the powers of Satan are using these facilities to imprison, demoralize, degrade and demonize young people. Many of them believers in Christ who are being persecuted for their faith.

The torture included beatings for not memorizing the assigned Scripture, constant verbal abuse (constantly telling the girls they were “bad” and “evil”), and violent whippings. Moreover, the leaders of the facility would often tell the young ladies, “You have devils in you and therefore we’re going to beat those devils out of you.” This is sadistic and satanic at it’s core. This isn’t the first time I have heard from someone who escaped these kinds of demonic hellholes. I would estimate I have spoken to a few hundred people over the years, from around the world, who report of similar camps. Should we be surprise? Were there not such places in the former Soviet Union, communist Cuba, and in Nazi Germany? My father and I were taken by force (by a group of armed soldiers into a armed vehicle) in 1997 in Western Africa, as a result of mission work, to a jail. So, I know from personal experience these things can happen and do! Christians are being persecuted throughout the world in various kinds of facilities, some under the guise of Christianity.

As you can imagine this dear sister was terribly demonized and traumatized by the horrors of the constant torture. Her heart broke and we discovered during the deliverance meeting more then 12 dissociative identities were formed to carry the abuse, the extreme pain, and the ghastly memories. These parts of her broken heart were miraculously healed and merged! We had to battle more then 3,000 evil spirits named Baal though to ensure those precious parts were released from their enslavement. We captured some video footage of the exorcism.

Also, there was another precious believer who was present who was not only set free from the following demons but also healed from a broken heart:
Fear of Failure
Pornography (Hundreds of these spirits)
2312 Idolatry demons (gained access to the family more then 13 generations ago as a result of his ancestors worshipping a Sun god)
Sansa (the leader of the demonic network within his life from 13 generations ago)
Murder (from 5 generations ago as a result of ritualistic murder)
Loss of Sanity
Mutilation (from 6 generations ago)
Starvation (more then 7 generations ago in Mexico when his ancestors believed the lies of a Virgin Mary apparition that appeared to them in the farmlands)
Self Glory
Occult (prior generations sacrificing animals and humans in South American lands)
Secret Knowledge (involvement in witchcraft)
Destruction (boasted about bringing diseases into his body, these demons were forced to take their diseases with them when expelled)
Self Preservation

All of these demonic spirits were cast out in the name of Jesus and more then 10 dissociative identities surfaced and were healed supernaturally by the power of the Holy Spirit. The power and presence of the Lord was with us to heal and to deliver.

Again all of this begs the question: Where is the Church Militant in prior generations to stop the furtherance of the curses through the family bloodline? Were there believers available to intervene to bring deliverance to his ancestors so that future generations could have been spared of satanic bondage and suffering? We must act. We have no choice. We must not be bystanders in this spiritual war as families depend on the Church Militant to intervene!

By 5am this morning we finally concluded our ministry and we rejoice in our Savior’s goodness to us, HE delivered, healed, and saved precious souls! Many other miracles took place and we are grateful to serve the King!

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