IN NEBRASKA: Woman SEES Jesus During Deliverance Meeting

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus,

It was another very cold night here in North Platte, Nebraska, where I am driving out demons in the name of Jesus. It’s been an remarkable time here in this small town as we have seen the mighty works of God in freeing souls, healing the afflicted and the brokenhearted. A number of people have shared with me they have never seen anything like this –seeing souls set free in a public setting. This has been my heart –to bring the ministry of exorcism out in the public for all to see– to see how great our God is.

My first night was quite eventful. Our small meeting room was jammed packed with those hungering for liberation and healing. Every seat was taken. I shared a brief teaching on the subject of spiritual warfare and ministered to a 12 year old boy and his mother who were present. Within seconds of praying for the young man a demon viciously manifested and terribly shook the boy’s body. With the assistance of his mother we commanded the demonic spirits to release him and to come out of his body. Almost immediately the spirits reacted to the commands and fought to stay within his body as his body continued to go into convulsions. However they were no match for King Jesus who swiftly brought deliverance to the young boy! Ah! The big smile on the boy’s face said it all. He said he felt so “much better.” He told me he could feel the demons leave his boy as they were commanded to go. What a loving Savior we serve! He rescues!

Not only was the boy delivered from evil spirits so was the mother on this night! Within seconds of praying over her an evil spirit manifested.

“I’m Anxiety.” revealed the demon, “there’s three of us and we came in through her mother.”

After this dear lady renounced the generational curse these anxiety spirits were driven out! It was truly beautiful to see a mother and son together FREE and they both cried after experiencing their new-found deliverance from demonic powers.

Yesterday we held a 6 hour training seminar that was well attended and the group was quite attentive (in fact one lady traveled more then 7 hours to attend the meetings). Unfortunately, it was not enough time to go through all of the material I had set up to discuss. We spent the equipping session sharing about the various spiritual weapons at our disposal. I wanted to go through more then 20 weapons at our disposal and by the end of the training we had only gone through 3 or 4! The questions, the interest, was such that we spent easily an hour on each weapon. The people of god were greatly encouraged and are ready to move to the next level –to actually cast out demons from others! What really excited me was the deep desire these dear disciples had to reach others and to be properly equipped. God was gracious to provide me strength as teaching, nearly non-stop, for this long can be taxing. Then after a very brief break we held the public deliverance in the meeting hall.

Once again God was pleased to display His power over the evil one. I would estimate 80% of those attended were demonized (and many were dissociative also). Some of the ministry that took place included:

Seeing some newlyweds find freedom from demonic spirits. The young wife due to some horrific sexual abuse she had endured, a number of demons took advantage of her pain and entered within her including a spirit named Hatred who revealed there were three broken pieces of her heart that were being held captive. I commanded the demons to release them and I was able to communicate with them including a very young 6 year old girl who was deeply hurt and scared. During the time I was ministering to the little one, not only did the holy angels appear to her but more importantly Jesus appeared to her (and even the core saw the Lord too) and held her as a little lamb. Again the smile, the comfort that she experienced, the deep healing, was beautiful to behold. It’s astounding to see this in the ministry where the risen Jesus appears to precious people. (People seeing Jesus in our meetings is a common occurrence!)

During the mass deliverance service, while went through a list of doorways, (incidentally, we were only able to go through several doorways out of more then 30 I wanted to discuss) many evil spirits would surface including a spirit of mockery that manifested in two different individuals at the same time –the spirits laughed and mocked openly. There were other spirits in a 58 year old woman that were telling her to murder me, to strangle me! Suffice to say, God protected me from any harm.
Another lady in her 40’s was delivered from 8 evil spirits that had been tormenting her for years.

During these meetings a few children were present and they experienced great deliverance also including a a child that was being crippled in his hand by a demonic entity. As he held the Holy Communion cup the spirit began to loosen their satanic grip over his hand and he said, “Jay, look my hand is straightening out” where before the hand was terribly contorted.
Many physical afflictions that many people were experiencing vanished upon command in Jesus name.
A grandmother was delivered from spirits of unforgiveness and bitterness. In her tears she testified of being released of these vile spirits.
Many generational curses were broken in the name of Jesus and many generational spirits were expelled!
Many believers were equipped to cast out demons, heal the sick, and heal the brokenhearted during our equipping session. We need to multiply the workers so more can be reached!

Once again I’m very concerned in that precious church going people are not receiving help in their local churches –generation and generation, curses are being passed down, spirits are traveling through the bloodline, without anyone intervening and stopping it in Jesus name! I’m quite concerned. Nearly everyone who was demonized shared that no one in their churches had intervened. This is a spiritual crime. We must act in the love of Jesus and conduct exorcisms. For remember, an exorcism is a labor of love to free a soul from demonic spirits.

So here I am in my room writing and listening to some great uplifting Hillsong praise music –worshiping Jesus and feeling a great burden to reach more souls and asking God am I doing enough? Should I extend myself to reach more? Jesus is telling me to rest in Him, to continue to serve Him as He guides. I appreciate your support and prayers that encourage me in this war for souls!

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