Attacked in Public Deliverance Service, Jesus Wins!

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Jesus,

Last night was another amazing service at our Church of the Cross public meeting in the Bellmead/Waco, Texas area! Many were openly delivered from demonic bondage in the name of Jesus! Many demonic spirits were expelled, healings took place and families restored! The night started off though with some spiritual fireworks!

After a brief teaching from God’s Word and leading those assembled in Holy Communion we began the public deliverance prayers! Almost immediately a young demonized man, sitting in front of me, lunged at me with extreme hatred, rage and murderous intent! The evil spirits within him cursed me and physically attacked me with viciousness as I was shoved back to the Communion table. I have to admit I was kinda shocked by the sudden attack and force of the demons. I did not hesitate though to walk right back at the demon that wanted to kill me. I placed the Holy Scriptures on the top of his head weakening the demonic energy within this young man. Furthermore, a pastor friend of mine, Joey Guess, assisted by placing a crucifix upon the demons weakening them even more so.

As I write to you reporting this I am truly filled with joy. I truly am. I am not fearful or scared. Sure, nobody likes to be threatened or physically attacked but I rejoice in my Savior who has counted me worthy to face such persecutions. This really motivates me to serve our Lord even more. I am making an impact for the Kingdom of God thus the hatred from the enemy! I just keep on and keep on. For over a quarter of a century (25 years of service to the King this year) I have faced many hundreds of attacks but not discouraged one bit. I am pressing onward to the call of God –to preach the gospel, to cast out demons and heal the sick!

As the spirits were placed in submission we began to deal with the demons.

“We are NOT going anywhere,” the spirits of murder, rage, and suicide bluntly and forcefully told me, “we will kill him first.”

This young man had shared with us that for years he’s been struggling with constant thoughts of committing mass murder, rape and other unspeakable evils. This was a young man who had been tortured by demons for years! He sliced his own body, dabbled with the occult, and participated in other deep sins. However, some time ago he had surrendered his life to Jesus and was now wanting freedom but was having great difficulty locating someone to assist him so he ended by taking a busy for more then 13 hours to attend this public service! Where’s the local church? Why have they not intervened in his life and expelled these murderous demons before they drove him to committ mass murder as he was on he way to do so, I can assure this was the devil’s plan for him to committ mass killings, if these demons were not cast out in Jesus name!

While the church stood it’s ground in Jesus name, we commanded many spirits of murder, rage, and suicide out of him. They were ordered to go to the pit! One dear intercessor, actually saw, while we were combatting these spirits, these devils were crying out in agony as they were being forced upon command to the fiey pits….she actually saw the fire, the demonic entity’s essence being engulfed ever so gradually by the fires!

The young man testified of feeling great relief and release! This was but the beginning! Many others experienced liberation from demon powers! I would estimate nearly 70% of those in the meeting was demonized and in need of an exorcism. So, we continued on through the night!

A young lady sitting near to the front also manifested demons. A spirit named, Darkness, surfaced. He held onto a little part of her heart that very young. This little one surfaced and spoke to me. She shared how scared, how fearful and terrorized she was. I led her into some prayers and this little one almost immediately was honored to see the Risen Jesus in His glory! This little heart part embraced the Lamb and the Lamb held her with such deep love and comfort! Again this is a beautiful aspect of the ministry I do not take for granted….many people in our public meetings are seeing the Risen Savior! This is really remarkable. We finally led this healed part to rejoin the core and awesome healing took place deep within her heart! It was astounding to see! Moreover, these vile spirits of terror and fear that enslaved this part and young lady was commanded to go to the pit!

Another young lady in the crowd also surfaced spirits named, Massacre, who had entered through her mother as a result of some satanic blood rituals she had participated in many years ago. These demonic ceremonies opened the doors for demons to enter the family and therefore traveled down the bloodline into her daughter. As soon as I placed sacred oil upon her forehead the demons caused her to collapse to the ground. I proceeded to drive out many Massacre demons from her!

Another woman, in her 40’s, while I was leading everyone in mass deliverance prayers began to experience sharp pain in her side. I confronted this pain and a spirit of abortion surfaced (the lady shared she had undergone an abortion many years earlier) and these demons were forced out in Jesus name!

Her husband also surfaced spirits, named Incubus (they told us there 17 of them within him), during the meeting, my good friend, Joey Guess, battled these demons. These sex spirits were confronted and were expelled in Jesus name! He was so happy after his deliverance, the smile said it all! He shouted and praised God for his mighty liberation!

Not only did this precious couple experience deliverance they also received powerful words of knowledge from a dear sister in the Lord that had attended the meeting. The words that were given were spot on, very specific words. The couple were amazed as they did not know this lady! The Holy Spirit however knows all and revealed what needed to be heard! Both of them rededicated their lives and marriage to Jesus! The tears of joy, the healing, the liberation brought everyone to applaud the power of God!

An African lady manifested powerful generational spirits towards the end of the evening. She was freed from many Masonic and Eastern Star spirits. With loud cries, moans and groans these demons were told to leave! They were so angry that they been exposed to the light of Jesus! The loud cries and with vomiting the demons departed!

A young boy, only 12 years of age, was also liberated from demons of anger and destruction! So many more miracles occured through the night of inner healing –parts reuniting to the core!

What a great honor to serve Jesus. What an honor to serve His church! What an honor to serve you! Again, thank you for praying. Your prayers sustain this ministry!

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