Many Thousands Hear the Gospel, Despite Demonic Threats!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Last night, I was in Austin a city known for it’s New Age and witchcraft influences. One of the largest universities in North America –the University of Texas– is located here also. This is obviously a city that needs the transforming power of God. I was initially scheduled to visit Houston however the Holy Spirit directed me here to conduct open air gospel meetings.

Earlier while reading the Holy Scriptures I was reminded once again of the apostle Paul’s admonishment to young Timothy in 1 Timothy 4:13, “Until I come, devote yourself to the public reading of Scripture, to preaching and to teaching.” There is an absolute need, as in all ages, for the public proclamation of the WORD! With this encouragement I traveled to Austin where I proclaimed the gospel in 7 different meetings reaching the multitudes with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Armed with my powerful audio equipment I presented the good news in seven different venues in the area known as “6th street.” This area is filled with dance clubs, bars, concert venues and other underworld establishments. On some weekends crowds can easily swell up to 100,000 people that gather in this multi-block area. Click here to view a picture of the street I proclaimed the gospel on:

I was right in the middle of this street proclaiming God’s love! You would think a message of love, hope, and peace would be accepted? NO! I was opposed at every preaching point.

It started early on. I placed myself in front of a concert venue where thousands assembled. As the concert ended I preached and the masses of people gathered around me to hear the message concerning Christ. I would estimate a few thousand gathered in astonishment. As soon as I began to proclaim Jesus, a young man, perhaps in his late 20’s, quickly approached me with intense rage. He shouted at me and threatened me. He opposed the gospel at every opportunity and tried to stop me from preaching to the masses.

My friends, he was not alone. Many others, filled with blasphemy towards the Lord Jesus, shouted obscenities too perverse to even remotely describe. These were directed at our Lord. This is a phenomena I have come across quite often in the Western World. Those in the West tend to be much more hostile to the gospel. If it was not for the police presence in the area (incidentally the police did not hinder my preaching) I would have probably caused an riot and would have been in danger of getting killed. There was that amount of hostility to Jesus! It’s sad but very true.

This young man who opposed me was vile and downright evil. He referred to Jesus as a “whore” and shouted to the people that I was merely promoting “fairy tales and fantasies.” He told me that he would oppose me as he didn’t want the people to hear what I was proclaiming. Now mind you, my open air preaching centers on the love of Jesus for sinners. I was presenting a message filled with hope and promise of eternal life for those who would repent.

I wasn’t speaking on any socially controversial subject but simply sharing Jesus with great love in my heart to those who gathered. My battle was NOT against this man but rather against these dark forces of Satan that seek to hinder the public proclamation of the gospel. I simply ignored the man and continued on. It was amazing that while I preached there were many who attentively listened in and only God knows how many turned to Jesus. However, one African man approached me at this venue and in public called upon Jesus for salvation!

As I left this venue the young man who opposed followed me and continue to verbally assault me.

“I will see you in hell you mother %$#@$%^&,” the man shouted at me. He not only opposed me but he energized others to do the same. Others so willingly mocked and ridiculed Jesus. In another preaching point, another young man fell prostrate before me, in some form of false worship, mocking the Lord Jesus. In yet another preaching point, a woman filled with the spirits of Jezebel, approached me angrily and attempted to shut down my audio equipment. She failed and I continued on proclaiming Jesus as the only way! Many more thousands heard the gospel.

With holy boldness I went in the middle of the street (the police had closed down 6th street) and preached Jesus. I literally walked right down the middle of the street preaching for a long time. I felt no weakness or fear. If you viewed that picture above you will see that these streets are crowded with many thousands and yet in the midst of these crowds I preached and MANY listened in. I just love these near midnight hour open air meetings as the Holy Spirit uses these meetings to touch many thousands of unbelievers with His love! Another African man approached me and surrendered his life to Jesus and testified of feeling the power of God move in his life. Many were also encouraged and strengthened!

I would estimate at the very least more then 5,000 unbelievers were given the opportunity to hear the gospel. I rejoice in those sinners that, in public, repented and surrendered to Jesus as LORD!

I love casting out demons and praying for the sick but nothing in the world excites me more then sharing Jesus in public!

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