More Miracles Being Reported from Asia: Paralyzed Woman Now Walking

My brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ,

I have so much to report! I (and the kids) were spared of serious bodily injury yesterday. More on that later in the email.

I´m currently in Latin America –nice and cool (70F/30C) Guatemala City, Guatemala– where I always feel refreshed– as the temperatures are always quite cool due to it´s higher elevation. Though my body is refreshed my spirit is quite sadden as the Church of the Cross here in Guatemala City has come under great demonic attack as of late. This is expected as this church has grown from 4 of us in February 2011 to more then 125-150 members in alittle over a year. Amazing moves of the Holy Spirit has been witnessed –the deaf have been healed, those with diseases cured, those vexed by demons liberated and many hundreds of souls won to Jesus! Furthermore, we now have three cell groups meeting in various locations throughout the city however the church is under great attack and we request your prayers for the saints here as we have had to make some serious decisions. As an overseer of more then 20 churches throughout the globe I have a divine responsibility to ensure the churches are healthy and that is why I am here.

Miracles in Asia

As you might recall I was recently in Asia preaching the good news of Jesus in the Philippine Islands where we witnessed many miracles of the Holy Spirit. Well, I just received another powerful report:

“Last Sunday in our church, did you remember the paralyze lady my member in my outreach church. She was not able to walk without somebody to assist and help her.

My outreach pastor give me report last night that Sis. Felina is walking without a crutches and people to assist her. To Jesus be all the glory! We serve a living God who has the compassion to set the captives free. God reminded about His in Luke 4:18 “The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, Because He has anointed Me, To preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted,To proclaim liberty to the captives, And recovery of sight to the blind, To set at liberty those who are oppressed.

Truly God’s anointing breaks the yoke of bondage and set’s those who are captive by the devil.Praise be to our Lord Jesus Christ, he has restored me. Thank you guys for your words of encouragement. Now I have decided to always preach the salvation of Jesus and preach healing and deliverance to those who are in slave of satan and his demons.”

This was just a portion of the email as my dear brother reported many more miracles occurring since our visit! I really like the second part where my brother writes: Now I have decided to always preach the salvation of Jesus and preach healing and deliverance to those who are in slave of satan and his demons.”

This is our heart to encourage the Body of Christ to walk in the fullness of the gospel –to preach Jesus, to heal the sick and cast out demons!

My ministry partner, Steve´s wife, Coria, specifically ministered to this paralyzed woman and look what God has done!

The churches there have invited us back to hold ever larger open air meetings, perhaps reaching more then a 1,000 people each night! We are believing great miracles in the days ahead in Asia!

Spared of Bodily Injury in Dallas

Just before embarking on this trip to Guatemala I had a nice lunch with my kids and we were heading back home so that I might leave for the airport when suddenly the driver of the truck ahead of us lost control of his vehicle due to the rainy conditions of the road and spinning violently out of control (a similar incident occurred some years ago prior to my travel to Ghana for some ministry)—the truck was sliding sideways– my first thought was, is this truck going to flip over. The truck did not flip over but it did slam into a telephone pole causing some live wires to land right in front of us causing a loved one to shout at me, ¨Back up, that´s a live wire.¨ I back up just barely missing the wire and thus being spared of being electrocuted (recall my incident in Asia just a week or so ago). We were spared but that truck that spun out of control slammed into an apartment house after hitting the pole causing the house to crumble. It was unbelievable! The people in the home quickly exited and were screaming. I got out of our van and immediately approached the truck to assist those who crashed into the apartment house. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured (the passengers did have some cuts as a result of the accident). God truly spared us all!

This event again reminds me how much in need we are of the Lord Jesus and His mercy as you never know what the day may hold. Do not be lukewarm, serve Jesus with fire from on high. This is a reminder to me and to everyone. Let´s serve Jesus fervently until we take that last breath and enter HIS presence.

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