Souls Saved and Defeating Satanism in San Francisco

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

For many hours yesterday pastor James and I were involved in numerous spiritual battles, in several meetings, for the sake of precious souls. This has been an extraordinary ministry trip for us as we have seen some intensely powerful moves of the Holy Spirit in our midst. As some of you know San Francisco is well regarded as one of the most spiritually oppressive areas in North America. As I mentioned in my last email a number of satanic organizations base their operations out of the Bay area. I’ll be honest I do not think I have dealt with so many people, with Luciferian spirits, in consecutive days, as I have done here in the city and in our meetings in Seal Beach and Los Angeles.

We were determined to invade the enemy’s land and claim precious souls for the Lord Jesus Christ. We are determined to see San Fransisco exposed to the gospel. The church in San Fransisco is not doing enough to fight back the forces of evil here. We are here to assist the church in empowering the saints to cast out demons, heal the sick and preach the gospel! We have met a number of believers and churches here who are interested in more meetings so I have decided to come back in a month and organize more meetings by the grace of God.

James and I have felt so much peace here with the Lord. It is comforting to know when you are exactly in the place you need to be! God has blessed our efforts and have seen tremendous miracles. Some of the highlights include ~

After our San Francisco public meeting I was honored to lead 25 year old Mormon to the Lord Jesus Christ! God had spoken to my heart and said very clearly he was already ready to receive and confess that Jesus is indeed Lord and God in the flesh. As I shared the good news to Dave his heart softened and he joined with me in verbally confessing that Jesus is very God in the flesh (Mormons deny the Deity of the Lord Jesus and every other essential of the Historic Christian Faith). For 25 years God has placed numerous Mormons in my life and I have seen many come to Christ through personal witness!
A precious young lady, Cynthia –came to one of our meetings last night with her parents– and experienced deep liberation from many demonic spirits. Many came through the bloodline on the mother’s side and again there were numerous Luciferian spirits within this young lady. Not only were there were demonic spirits enslaving her there were also many dissociative parts that need to be healed and we honored to minister to her heart and see her healed by God! During the meeting she too saw the Lord Jesus and His holy angels (in our past several meetings many are reporting of seeing Jesus).

A 45 year old former gang member came to our meeting and I had the wonderful opportunity to lead him to the Lord Jesus Christ as he had never opened up his heart to Jesus before. Not unlike my own life experience more then 25 years ago when I experienced deliverance at the moment of salvation, he too was delivered of numerous demonic spirits as he surrendered to Jesus. It was amazing to see as the demons were fighting him as he had great difficulty praying with me but the power of God came upon him and he was able to finish the prayer and instantly demons were flying out of him. Not only was Ernie saved by Jesus, he was also liberated from many demons!

This was just the beginning as many other miracles occurred in these meetings. To chronicle the miracles would indeed take hours to do so! In our last meeting in “spooky” and “eerie” (those were the words that people described downtown San Fransisco) –as night fell and the fog rolled into the harbor– we battled, within a young 32 year old and her boyfriend, numerous satanic forces hell bent on staying within the young lady as she was being prepared by a local satanic cult to be their sacrifice. Again we encountered many Luciferian spirits. We also dealt with numerous human interjects that were from the sadistic occult group (human parts of people that soul travel to their victims). Moreover we dealt with many broken parts of her heart. The incredible miracles that took place on this night needs to be told. Suffice to say, not only were these cult human interjects removed from her body, she was set free from many evil spirits and healed from dissociation. Furthermore, this precious lady was even honored to Jesus and numerous holy angels!

We were in need of your prayers and God honored your intercession with divine protection and holy power!

By the way, the testimonies are coming in from our most recent meetings. Here are a few of the testimonies:

“I knew that I was saved but in my life, I continued to be attacked in my dreams, finances, health, marriage, family and ministry.  I was not aware that an evil spirit was the cause and that “it” resided in my body. Even thou this evil spirit was deeply rooted and stubborn, you and James were able to cast it out.  Thank you for having faith and believing that no matter how strong they adversary can be, with deliverance, it will certainly leave.  There is no power greater than the name of JESUS CHRIST!

Thank you for setting me FREE.

Love, your sister-in-Christ”

Here is another:

“I have no words to thank you for your help, I suffer for so many years looking for an answer to all my troubles and could not find any one who really care, yet want to thank you and James. I would like to continue keeping in touch and will look for more peoples to come to the future meeting. Sorry i don’t have a place for you to offer to do meetings, but when God give me a place to live I will.” God bless you both!

This is the reason why we travel, preach, teach, cast out demons, and heal the sick! We are deeply encouraged by the testimonies and we give all glory to Jesus!

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