Lady Sees Jesus, Demons Cast OUT!

For many hours today we ministered in the power of the Holy Spirit setting the captives free and healing broken hearts! In our public meeting tonight we had a standing room only group assembled in our small meeting room where souls were anticipating great miracles. God did not disappoint as many miraculous sings and wonders occurred:

  • A dear sister in Christ, while being ministered to, was honored to see the risen Jesus. She had never experienced anything like this before and was completely in awe of His appearance. All of us in the meeting room felt the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit sweep through the room, causing some to weep and all of rejoicing in the goodness of God.
  • During Holy Communion –-the very holy power of the blood and body of Jesus– prompted demons to immediately manifest within those who had assembled thus allowing us to drive the evil spirits out.
  • One African lady was set free from a generational spirit of Idolatry that confessed out loud, “We have been here for more then 14 generations because her ancestors worshiped false gods.” This spirit along with some sex spirits were bound together as one and sent to the pit in Jesus name!
  • Another sister in the Lord was delivered from spirits of suicide and death as they revealed, “We trying to kill her.” They failed and these devils were sent to the pit!
  • A few of the young ladies who attended the meeting experienced deep emotional healing including the healing of dissociation.
  • Another lady, in her 60’s, was instantly healed of severe eye pain!After commanding the pain to go, IT LEFT! She was astonished! She was also delivered from demons in Jesus name!
  • We encountered one dear saint with many thousands of demonic spirits within her body and in the name of Jesus they have been driven out!She was also instantly healed of various physical afflictions!

For more then a couple hours tonight I taught from the Scriptures on our “Hidden Life in Christ” and for many it was the very first time hearing such teaching. Many questions were asked concerning our authority and how to utilize this authority. I led everyone in Holy Communion and for many it was the first time partaking of the body and blood of the Lord in a very long time. The saints were refreshed and strengthened.

The smiles and the inner joy that were seen on so many faces tonight, who experienced healing and deliverance, it was truly beautiful to behold! Jesus is ALIVE!

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