“I will probably need to be chained or tied. I am extremely powerful!”

Jesus is LORD! His atoning blood sacrifice, His resurrection, His ascension, His second coming has defeated the powers of the devil forevermore! Read and rejoice in the victory we have in Christ our eternal King:

More then 7 Private and Public Meetings in Florida and Texas: Jesus DID IT ALL

Many Demons Threaten to Murder Me in Meeting, Jesus WINS!

Lady Healed of Deafness in Meeting!

Jesus Heals Young Woman with STD!

Spirits of Beelzebub, Spiritualism, Witchcraft, Homosexuality and Violence CAST OUT!

Holy Angels of God Arrive and Restrain Violent Demonic Spirits

Miraculous Healing: Bursitis, Arthritis, Chlamydia, Herpes, Asthma, Crippling Pain Driven OUT!

With Loud Shrieks, Vomiting, Screaming, Convulsions and Violent Twisting of the Body Demons Came Out of Many!

In Meetings: Casting Out Demons, Curing Diseases, Healing Hearts and Equipping the Saints

Power of the Holy Communion: Strong Spiritualism Spirit Defeated

On a daily basis we receive emails from precious people from around the world that need immediate spiritual help. We try to do what we can by conducting private and public meetings to meet with those who demonically tormented. This past week pastor James Beason and I traveled throughout Florida and Texas conducting deliverance and healing meetings. In each meeting Jesus cured those with demons and tormenting afflictions. The miraculous works of the Holy Spirit were so powerful that many of the healings that took place was instantaneous.

In one of the meetings we met up with a young couple who needed liberation and healing. Some days ago I received a email from Dave.

“Jay, I really need help with myself. Since the past 2 years, I have done and said things I never thought I would do. I feel like I am going crazy. I become so angry sometimes I think I may hurt myself or other people. I feel like I lose control and no matter how hard I try I only get worse. I have extreme sexual desires and feel like I am constantly being tempted to sin. I have a problem with lying to people and myself. I still don’t know if I understand how all of this works but I do believe I am being afflicted by supernatural powers. What scares me the most is that I do not feel God in my life even when I pray and repent. I feel nothing but doom and fear. I must warn you that if you do agree to help me and this deliverance thing is all that Tammy says it is I will need to be physically restrained. I will probably need to be chained or tied. I am extremely powerful and I know how to fight. I DO NOT WANT TO HURT ANYONE so I will need to be restrained I don’t know how many men but I will need more than one or 2 and I again will probably need to chained. I don’t know what else to do and I really hope you can help me I want help.”

I’m hear to report that Jesus is so gracious, loving and powerful that there was no need to chain this man up! James and I called upon the name of Jesus and He delivered! We called forth the holy angels of God. They restrained the violent spirits within him and we were able to cast out many satanic spirits from Dave including some spirits named Beelzebub. It was quite dramatic and immediate. Filled with the Holy Spirit I commanded the spirits out of him including a powerful demon named, Goreinachia and they quickly departed. He was so joyful that these vile things that had been tormenting him for more then a decade was gone! The peace, the smile on his face, the inner joy was very evident and we rejoice in the goodness of God!

Prior to this we ministered to Dave’s wife, Tammy, who also needed freedom. For hours we battled a number of evil spirits within her. The first few spirits that surfaced and spoke to us were quite demonstrative, violent, and vile. They twisted her body grotesquely, many of her contortions were so violent that we had to call upon many holy angels to restrain (and the angels did restrain). At one point, though, the demons leaped upon her husband in an attempt to kill him as they shouted, “We will get him so angry and so rageful that he will commit murder.” Again, the holy angels restrained the spirits and they were forced to submit to Jesus. Some of the spirits voiced their hatred for me and stated very clearly I would be murdered by them. I rebuke that in Jesus name!

There were 10 primary demons we encountered in this exorcism:

Persia–entered as a result of her constant cursing.
Cornia–entered because another demon called for it come for reinforcements.
Feeta—entered because of her sin of anger and for telling her husband, “you will burn in hell.”
Stadia–entered because another demon called for it come for reinforcements.
Breena–came from her husband because his soul tie with a prostitute named Stephanie (as a result of the soul tie a piece of the prostitute’s fragmented heart entered him then entered his wife Tammy. I spoke to this part that went by the name of Dina, she was only 14, and was there because Stephanie had an abortion. This part of her broken heart was healed by Jesus and was sent back to Stephanie).
Gracie–entered because of the sin of bitterness.
Miatta–entered because of the sin of hate.
Brista–entered because of the sin of sexual immorality and lust.
Brita–entered because the demon named Seven called for it.
Seven–there were 10 of these spirits that came because of her general rebellion towards God.
These spirits also confessed to holding captive countless pieces of her heart. They were forced to release the heart and not only did Jesus deliver her from all of these demonic spirits as soon as she repented, her heart was also healed by the supernatural love of Jesus! My brothers and sisters, it doesn’t matter what besetting sin holds you captive. Jesus loves you very much and will forgive you as a loving Father He is and will set you FREE as you repent. Call upon Him right now as you read this and experience His soothing comforting love He has for you! Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!

After this exorcism we had another meeting with a Puerto Rican family that was steeped in spiritualism and witchcraft. For hours we battled many evil spirits that had brought numerous physical afflictions and diseases within her body including asthma, arthritis, deafness and other pains. She had been sick for a very long time. You could tell she was sick and was suffering greatly.

Now what is amazing about this encounter was this family had been listening to my “Deliverance with Jay Bartlett,” global radio presentations for many months. As a result of listening to the radio program they were prompted to email me for help. These radio broadcasts have reached so many and continue to reach many for the Lord Jesus Christ.

This precious family had planned on attending our public meeting in Orlando but they realized on Sunday they had the dates wrong –the meeting wasn’t scheduled for next week but this past Sunday– so they hurried up and traveled in to attend the meeting– however they were lost and ended up being late for the meeting. Nevertheless, we asked them to wait while we finished up another meeting. Amazingly, they waited for more then 4 hours!

As you can imagine this dear family was desperate for immediate help!

James and I led them in Holy Communion and immediately a demon rose up within the precious woman and told me, “We are not leaving!”

For hours we battled a number of spirits of spiritualism that were quite strong and stubborn.

This dear family had been victims of the curses and spells from spiritualists that they knew over the years from Puerto Rico. Sadly, they did not know how to counter these satanic curses thus the enemy kept on attacking the family’s health and fiances to the point where they literally lost everything –their home, car, possessions and their health. She began to get very sick. The doctors could not figure out what was wrong neither could their elders from the church they were attending. So, obviously she became discouraged and despaired. You could see it on her face. She was worn out! This is where Jesus stepped in and allowed us all to connect and on this beautiful night in Central Florida God healed!

As I led the family in Holy Communion the powers of the body and blood of Jesus wore the demons out (though I had to continue to offer the cup of the Lord continuously for more then an hour) and they began to beg to leave. They were commanded to take all of the sicknesses they admitted to bringing into her body including: asthma, arthritis, join pain, thyroid problems, deafness in one ear, extreme pain in her knees, and a host of other problems. They captured all of the infirmities and were sent to the pit in Jesus name! She was immediately supernaturally cured! Now here was a woman who was destined to undergo surgery and other intesive medical procedures but now is FREE and will no longer need to visit the doctors. Jesus healed her!

She reported the following: No pain in any part of her body, she could hear in her right ear (she was healed of deafness), bursitis pain vanished along with the arthritis pain. Our God is a healing God!

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