Witnessing the Miraculous in California and British Columbia

In writing to the church in Corinth, some two thousand years ago, the apostle Paul reminded the early church that “the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power” (see 1 Corinthians 4:20). The church in the West especially needs to be reminded of this very truth. Too many churches rely upon carnal means to reach people for Jesus. It does NOT work for the Kingdom of God is not matter of talk but of power –supernatural power to release the captives from Satan, to cure the infirm and to heal broken hearts. This past week in California and British Columbia, my Australian ministry partner Steve and I relied upon the miraculous power of God to reach souls for the Savior and God was faithful to perform countless miracles within our midst.

For one example, while writing this email update, I received a call from my ministry partner, Steve, in Vancouver, who is still there ministering to the captives. He shared that last night while a lady was being delivered from demons her friend who was present was so moved by the ministry of compassion that Steve extended that she too opened her life to Jesus, was delivered and healed. As a result of her deep encounter with Jesus she then began to cast demons out of her friend and bring healing to her heart! So as a result of one lady being delivered, another lady was saved, healed, delivered. Then soon thereafter was empowered by the Holy Spirit to reach out to her friend! This is true New Testament disciple training! God’s favor is upon Steve as he is being raised up to reach the nations of the globe! Please pray for him and his family. He is one of ministry partners who often travels with me around the world to proclaim the gospel. In fact, we are planning a ministry trip to India very soon! Appreciate your prayers for all of our ministry partners –pastor James Beason, pastor Gene Smith, teacher Robert Boldt, apostle Steve and many others!

Read the below highlights to obtain an idea of all the other miracles we have witnessed:

~San Francisco and Vancouver: Conducted More then 10 Private and Public Meetings

~Many Jezebel Demons were Confronted and Expelled

~Buddhist Surrenders to Jesus After Witnessing Miracle in San Francisco

~Young Man is Saved After Experiencing the Love of Jesus

~Teaching on the Hidden Life of Christ FREES Many Minds in Meetings!

~Many Thousands of Demons Driven OUT in Jesus Name!

~Cancer, Tinnitus, Paralysis, Severe Pains, MCS Disease, Blindness and a Host of Diseases Healed

~Numerous Believers with Dissociation Supernaturally Healed by the Power of Jesus

~Numerous Saints SEE the Risen Jesus in Meetings!

~Numerous Saints SEE Holy Angels in Meetings!

~Buddhist with a Shorter Leg is Healed, Leg Grows Out

~Holy Angels Assist in Exorcisms by Restraining Demons

~Numerous Saints Equipped in the Ministry of Deliverance and Healing

~Satanic Ritual Abuse Victim Finds Hope in Deliverance Meeting

~Encountered Human Interjects, Programmed Dissociative Identities, Dissociative Identities in Numerous Exorcisms

~In Vancouver: Young Man from Honduras Set FREE from Demons and Healed of Dissociation

~71 year old Believer from Rhodesia Liberated from Demonic Powers and Healed of a Broken Heart

~Saints Traveled Great Distances to Attend Meetings: Young Lady Drives More then 16 Hours!

~In San Francisco: Young Man Set Free from Thousands of Demons During Seaside Exorcism at Midnight!

~People Desperate for Deliverance! People Waited for Hours to Receive Deliverance Ministry!

~Many Experience the Love of Jesus in a Deeper Way!

~In British Columbia Public Meeting: Husband is Delivered After Casting Demons Out of Wife

~In San Francisco House Meeting: Father Takes Authority Over Demons within Daughter on the Phone, She is Liberated

~JESUS, JESUS, JESUS: His Name Causes Demons to Scream, Vomit, Convulse, Twist and Violently Thrash Bodies as they Exited

Steve and I could go on and on describing the countless miracles of the Lord Jesus Christ. There were that many. Now, our meetings were small in number but the power of God was GREAT in our midst! For example, in our Vancouver meeting in beautiful British Columbia, nearly every seat was taken in our small meeting room where the Holy Spirit performed one miracle after another! It was amazing to behold.

One family that attended the meeting was desperate for spiritual intervention. They had visited numerous ministries and churches looking for someone to help. Noone assisted. This is horribly sad! Steve and I are determined to do something about it. We were in Vancouver to intervene. Sam and Julie had been married for more then 14 years and yet were experiencing horrible spiritual attacks. Within seconds of placing the blood of Jesus upon her head a demon surfaced. They spoke us and revealed much. There were the ones behind the diseases she suffered greatly from –MCS, Cancer and other sicknesses. There was a spirit of sickness within her body, no wonder she was sick. The demon spirit spoke to me.

“We have been here for more then 5 generations on her mother’s side because they hated people.”

So the hate of her ancestors opened the gateway for these sick demons to enter the family bloodline and they passed on from one generation to the next and not one church intervened on the behalf of this family to expel these generational spirits! Where is the Body of Christ? Why did this family have to suffer from these demons? Why? The church should be about casting out of demons, healing the sick and curing demonic afflictions. We need to stop these generational curses in the name of JESUS!

These demons were expelled and immediately she testified of feeling better! However there were many other demons. There were spirits from Freemasonry. These spirits are everywhere within the Western church –I see them in Europe, throughout North America and in Australia. They bring a host of afflictions with them –respiratory problems, sleep disorders and spiritual devices such as hoods and nooses.

Within Julie were numerous Masonry spirits that revealed much.

“We bring within her allergies, breathing problems, sleep apnea, as we are trying to kill her. We have placed a noose around her neck and a hood.”

Soon after revealing this the demonic spirits began to choke her in an attempt to kill her. In Jesus name, her husband and I commanded the demons to loose her which they did.

These demon powers entered her family many generations ago as result of previous ancestors participating in Freemasonry. I literally had the demons take off the hood and noose from her head! Thereby freeing her from these horrific demonic afflictions.

Another demonic spirit that surfaced was named, “Religious,” who had entered her 9 generations ago due to her ancestors embracing a Catholic works oriented salvation (I know not all Catholics embrace this as I have many Charismatic Catholic friends who believe only Jesus saves) thus allowing the demons to enter within the family bloodline. These religious spirits had bound her up with mind control and lies about the love of Jesus!

Steve and I throughout the weekend taught on the Biblical foundational truth of who we are in Jesus Christ –our hidden life in Christ– which I believe is the singular most important teaching in the Christian Faith –who Jesus is and who we are in HIM! This teaching will revolutionize your life if you truly grasp it! You can read more about this at my site: www.ifreedomfighter.org

Many other evil spirits were expelled from this precious lady –spirits of death, violence, pain, back pain, blindness, rejection, fear, suicide, anger, lust, hatred, impatience, confusion, trouble, stupid, affect the mind, and a host of others. What was beautiful was seeing her husband assist us in driving the demons out of her in Jesus name. Not only was she delivered but their precious little 4 year old son was delivered from 9 spirits. Furthermore, her husband was quickly liberated from many demons too in the name of Jesus.

Another family that was delivered from demonic powers was a precious family from Southern Africa who attended the public meeting. The 71 year old husband had been searching for deliverance for years with no avail. He even shared with everyone that he once paid $100,000.00 USD to a Christian group to obtain freedom. Nothing seemed to work. While in the midst of our meeting he manifested spirits and I began to confront the demonic forces within him in Jesus name.

Almost immediately, an dissociative identity named Jacob surfaced and spoke to me. He was scared and acted like a little boy –it was– as this little part of this broken heart was frozen in time and could recall the murder of his parents some 68 years earlier. He was extremely fearful. The reason. There was a demon of fear present within him and it surfaced to battle.

Jesus though prevailed as this spirit of fear was cast out of little Jacob. Not only was this demonic spirit expelled but this heart part was able to experience and see the risen Jesus! I then dealt with a number of Jezebel spirits within this dear brother in the Lord and a strange spirit named Oma. These demons acknowledged that they were the ones behind the many infirmities that he had been experiencing all of these years. These were commanded to depart in Jesus name. Not only was this man free but we were able to minister to his wife and she too was free from many evil spirits including many Jezebel spirits.

Among the many private and public meetings we held in California and Canada –we ministered at a public home meeting in San Francisco where precious souls experienced salvation, healing and deliverance. One lady we ministered was freed from a Legion of demons. A dear mother and daughter originally from Nicaragua was present and they too experienced deep deliverance. Many of those spirits came as a result of some witches in  their native Nicaragua who had been casting spells upon them seeking to destroy them. These curses were cancelled and this precious family was free from these witchcraft spirits. Others were also delivered from demon powers and in each case Jesus was glorified. The beautiful smiles of release and peace says it all!

My ministry partner, Steve, also ministered to a young Opera singer who was a Buddhist. She had attended one of our meetings with the hopes of receiving healing from numerous physical afflictions she had been experiencing. Not only was she healed but she dedicated her life to Jesus for the very first time. Her email report was beautiful.

“Dear Jay and Steven, Thank you very much for helping me.  My back felt so much better I haven’t felt this way for years. I felt the healing power and love of Jesus it was real. I wish you in the future keep on reaching more and more people.  Language cannot express my gratitude towards you.”

There are many more miracles to report but to keep this update to a readable length I’ll end here. We are truly seeing the mercy, grace, love and power of Jesus in action before our very eyes!

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