In Arizona: Souls Saved, Hearts Healed, Demons Expelled and Lady Sees Jesus!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

It has been 105F/40C here in very sunny Scottsdale, Arizona, where pastor James Beason and I have been battling legions of evil spirits within those who attended our small group public meeting last night. Here in the Southwestern region of the United States there is a great need for the ministry of liberation among the Native American people group. A family that came to our meeting was from the Yaqui tribe with Aztec ancestral roots. Members of the family were delivered on this night. But more importantly, I had the wonderful opportunity to lead a few of the members of the family to the Lord Jesus Christ as they had never been born again and was quite receptive to the presentation of the gospel. It was powerful to witness!

This is our heart –to not only set the captives free but to proclaim the good news of the Lord Jesus to the lost. This has been something I have been doing for more then 25 years around the globe –from the street corner to the mass crusades– we are dedicated to preach Jesus and to proclaim deliverance to the captives!

One dear lady we ministered to was a 37 year old by the name of Maria. For years she was involved in Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, the New Age movement, spiritualism, and a number of the Native American religious groups (including the participation in Sweat Lodges). After leading everyone assembled in Holy Communion we began to pray with Maria and almost immediately a demon spirit that had been harassing her for more then 34 years was driven out in the name of Jesus! She could feel the demon quickly exit from her body!

Many other demons surfaced within her including a spirit named Tikal. I’m quite familiar with this spirit as I have spent many months in the country (Guatemala) that this spirit originated from. We currently oversee several churches in Guatemala and have seen many set free from ancient Mayan spirits. Tikal is a name of a Mayan village which is a few hours north of Guatemala City. In this village pagan temples were built where countless people were sacrificed to demonic spirits. Here is a picture of one of the temples: This particular spirit spoke in a number of Native American languages and was quite angry that it had been exposed. I commanded the spirit to speak in English.

“We have been here for more then 400 years in her blood because her ancestors practiced human sacrifice at the Temple. We have brought Hepatitis C and many other diseases within her body. We are not leaving,” the spirit declared to me.

For more then 10 generations these Central American spirits had been trafficking within the family because their ancestors were steeped into satanic blood ceremonies. What was interesting about this encounter with this particular spirit is that it was named after a village –Tikal. Immediately the Holy Spirit reminded me of something. I had bought, innocently enough, a shirt for my wife from Guatemala that had Tikal printed on it. I contacted my wife and amazingly while I was dealing with this demon it turns out she was wearing that same shirt I had given her with that name of the village on it. She immediately destroyed it.

Tikal was persistent but eventually confessed Jesus was indeed Lord. He contorted and twisted her body in a very grotesque manner. There were 13 others of his kind within her. There were also a number of Jezebel spirits that reported to Tikal. There were also more then 6,000 spirits named Legion and a demon spirit named, Schaquina. Because of her ancestral sins and her involvement in idolatry allowed these thousands of unclean spirits to enter her body. For hours we battled these demons as they fought against us. They were commanded to release more then 24 broken pieces of her heart that they had been holding captive. We spoke to a very young 3 year old part of her heart who actually got to meet the risen Savior. The Lord Jesus held her hand and spoke words to her and to us, reaffirming His love for everyone! This is truly remarkable. In many of our public and private meetings people are sharing testimonies of seeing Jesus! Amazing!

These little parts met Jesus. He healed them and her broken pieces were put back together. Maria’s heart was supernaturally healed by the power of the Holy Spirit. We also dealt with these many thousands of demons and they were driven out of her in Jesus name! She was so extremely joyful in her new found freedom in Christ! She also agreed (though she did not want anyone seeing her face) to have her testimony videotaped.

Her mother was also delivered from many generational spirits. Her boyfriend was also set free from many satanic spirits. God performed wondrous miracles in our midst and we give Him praise!

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